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When the Sign Says…

It is almost a rule of thumb that if the restaurant has a sign outside advertising a certain product, it will be a good product.  This may not be on the front most… Continue reading

Door #1

Lunch is one of my favorite parts of the day.  I love just having an hour to let my brain relax and get prepared for the afternoon.  I typically pack my lunch every… Continue reading


I spent last week in Santo Domingo, within the Dominican Republic.  My job has an office there and this was my very first visit.  Lucky you you, I took a photo of everything… Continue reading

Back to the Old Bay

I am a pretty big fan of Old Bay Seasoning.  I find it to be quite versatile and I use it in & on top of many items.  From inside my ground chicken… Continue reading

Get On Track

I’m sure everyone recalls the love fest’s I have had with Bennet’s Fresh Roast Donuts.  They are homemade pieces of goodness.  Last month, we decided to try another local homemade Donut Shop in… Continue reading

Delicious Little Morsels of Goodness

Happy 2014.  Isn’t it crazy that it is actually 2014?  The year ended in a complete flurry.  The month of December seems to pass by at light speed.  Before you know it, its… Continue reading

Carb Me Up

I love Carbs.  LOVE them.  L O V E them.  Did I mention that I love carbs?  No matter what shape or size they come in, I love them.  For any of my… Continue reading

Nothing to Run For

We recently got a Culver’s in good ol’ Naples.  I was anticipating the opening of the restaurant for weeks but, had little plan of stopping by anytime after the opening.  About a month… Continue reading

The Journey Continues

One of my Foodie Journeys of Life, center purely on Fish Tacos.  Mmm…Fish Tacos.  Those delectable little pieces of fish, wrapped within a warm tortilla.  What can be better?  I love me some… Continue reading

The Greatest Mecca

Everyone has a list of to-do’s, goals, Bucket List – whatever you wish to call it – that they wish to accomplish. Whether they are written down on an old, smelly napkin, recited by… Continue reading