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Simply Sublime

The word ‘Sublime’ is a pretty awesome word.  Take a moment and say the word outloud.  Sublime.  Ahh.  Don’t you just feel awesome now that you said it?  Aside from the fact that… Continue reading

Sorry Zari

As you will recall, I wrote a post called To the Zim a few months back.  It was based on my first visit to a small restaurant, Zim Zari, in a small town,… Continue reading

Super Twist

I can say with positivity that a good amount of American’s enjoy going to sporting events and eating a hot dog & beer.  Nearly every single food stand sells both hot dogs and… Continue reading

Subtle Flavor

I have learned from experience that food items purchased via fundraisers are simply not good.  It seems like just yesterday that we have 6 dozen gross Otis Spunkmeyer cookies courtesy of a fund-raiser.  With those… Continue reading

Melts is Purely False

I totally love when food items are melty & gooey.  Well, that is when they should be melty & gooey.  Chocolate chips in a freshly baked cookie should be melty & gooey.  A… Continue reading

Did We Eat Yet?

I find it completely odd and baffling that you would be able to go to a restaurant, eat a relatively large meal but leave the restaurant feeling hungry.  Not like starving hungry but hungry enough… Continue reading

Vintage Flair

I really need to get to reviewing new food items at a faster pace.  Chick-fil-A came out with their all new dessert menu at least one month ago, and it wasn’t until this past… Continue reading

Have a Peace

I am one of those people who will buy food items that are different in shape or size from the norm.  I am a sucker for the ‘Mini’ items too.  Just something about… Continue reading

Food for Thought

Located in this grand city of Naples, Florida is a market/restaurant called Food and Thought.  F&T offers a variety of Organic items in both market and restaurant form.  Even though I am a… Continue reading

A Change from the Norm

One of the faults I have as far as fooding goes, is that I get in ruts with the items I order or eat.  Once I find something that I love at a… Continue reading