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Mint Storm in My Mouth

By far one of my favorite cookies is the Oreo.  I may even dare to say that it is my favorite.  Those chocolate wafers combined with a layer of white cream are just… Continue reading

My First Time…With a Guy Named Popeye

Now get your minds out of the gutter.  Yes, this post may be about my First Time but, it’s My First Time…With a Guy Named Popeye.  As in the Popeye who makes and… Continue reading

No Mas

First off, let me apologize for not posting in many days.  My plan was to post on Sunday night and then again on Monday but, this just did not happen.  My apologies to… Continue reading

The Most Boring Way to Consume 45 Calories

I am certain that I have found the most boring way to consume 45 calories – by eating one White Cheddar Rice Cake.  Yes, the rice cake may only contain 45 calories, but… Continue reading

Slimming Me Down

Now, I certainly like me a lot of dessert items.  Cookies, Ice Cream, Candies and so on…I like them all.  I can’t say if there is one that I like more than another… Continue reading

Mystical Creature

I really don’t understand why more restaurants don’t serve Sweet Potato Fries.  I mean, even if they wanted to up charge for them, they should at least offer them.  I am over the… Continue reading

Red and Yellow

What has now become one of my favorite places to get sushi, used to be just a nearby restaurant.  A restaurant that was so close, I could basically arrive to its front door… Continue reading

Only 5 Dollars!

One of the worst things about watching sports live, is the price of the food and drink.  Prices are absolutely ridiculous and you are pretty much stuck paying them if you wish to… Continue reading

To the Zim

This weekend brought us to Tampa to go to the USF Men’s Basketball Game against West Virginia.  After USF lost at the end, we decided to venture 30 minutes to the northwest to… Continue reading

No More Tagging Along

Well, I have come to the end of my trial of Girl Scout Cookies.  As you read from my previous 2 posts, I have really not been impressed.  After sampling the Tagalongs last… Continue reading