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Every time my good friend Fred Norris plays the ‘Wow’ sound clip, I have it stuck in my head for the entire day.  So is the same for the Doritos Jumpin’ Jack Chips. … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pasties

The concept of Pumpkin Pasties always sounded so not good to me.  Throughout the 7 Harry Potter books these ‘treats’ are mentioned on multiple occasions and every time I read these 2 magical words,… Continue reading

Dead End

There are some meccas in life that every Foodie must take.  For me, the list of meccas seems to keep growing and slowly but surely, I cross them off the list.  White Castle… Continue reading

Monkey Munch? Guys What’s Monkey Munch?

Even though I am not a huge fan of Chex on its own, I absolutely love making & consuming Monkey Munch.  Monkey Munch is simply divine.  I will take a mixture of Chex,… Continue reading