Every time my good friend Fred Norris plays the ‘Wow’ sound clip, I have it stuck in my head for the entire day.  So is the same for the Doritos Jumpin’ Jack Chips.  Every since I first opened them up, they have been stuck in my head.  As I replay the experience of eating the chips, the ‘Wow’ sound clip plays over and over.  And these chips, with their Retro Packaging, are so darn good and tasty that I feel free to add a couple of O’s in there.  Not only do I say ‘Wow’ but, I really say WoooooW.


These Limited Edition Doritos came out maybe a month or so ago.  I knew right away I wanted to try them but, I was hesitant about buying a huge bag.  Finally, after weeks of searching, I came across a smaller sized bag at the gas station and grabbed it right away.  When I opened these chips, they appeared to be similar in look to the Cool Ranch variety.  I did get a whiff of pepper jack cheese when I opened them…a promising sign indeed.  I figured these had to be good…I loved the Limited Edition Taco Flavor and really think Doritos should bring them back.  Grabbing my first chip, I placed it in my mouth and began to eat.


WoooooW.  The first thing I noticed was how true the flavor of pepper jack was.  Like I’m talking beyond true.  Doritos and their Flavor Technicians nailed this flavor.  It was perfect.  As I chewed the chip, I experienced a few different things.  First off, was the trueness of the pepper jack flavor.  Second was the creaminess this chip had.  I know it sounds bizarre to put creamy and chip together but, this chip found a way to do it.  It was almost as if the chip had the creamy consistency of a true piece of cheese.  And finally, the chip had just the slightest bit of a pepper jack kick to it.  By no means was this chip spicy but, I could definitely feel it kick me just a bit.  The combination of these 3 features, all coming out at their own time, put this chip over the moon for me.

I continued to eat a few chips and I had a few more today.  On both occasions, I am left totally digging these chips.  I could easily eat an entire bag of once but, lucky for me, I have some self-control.  I will have no problem picking up a full-sized bag of these suckers and enjoying each and every one of these.  In addition to the Taco Flavored Doritos, the Jumpin’ Jack Chips are a flavor that should say.  Trust me…try one and you will get to experience some of the best flavors you have ever had on a chip.  Doritos really knocked this one out of the park and left me saying WoooooW over and over again.