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It’s SMOKY!!!

As we continue on the Food Journey of Summer Vacation 2012, I do hope that you are all enjoying the ride.  Since I am a total Foodie and Obsessive Planner, I had all of… Continue reading


I love the fact that the area around Wrigley Field in Chicago, is aptly named ‘Wrigleyville.’  I think Cincinnati needs to do the same for the Reds.  As you all should know, I… Continue reading

New Found Love

Ohh snap.  Grandma’s Back.  I apologize for my absence last week.  I was on vacation and forgot to tell you all!  My original plan was to post while on vacation but, I was… Continue reading

Porky Treat

I will never understand why the addition of bacon to any item, automatically makes it unhealthy.  Often times, the item before the bacon, is already unhealthy.  But yet for whatever reason, throw some… Continue reading

One Beany Burger

As you may or may not know, I am a Cincinnati Reds Fan.  A huge Cincinnati Reds Fan.  I spend 365 days a year following all Reds news along with 162 days a… Continue reading

Extremely Not Good

Us American’s sure do like to make stuff bigger, badder and more extreme.  Why would you ever want to eat a small order of fries when you can Supersize?  Of course I would… Continue reading

Don’t Judge Yo

You should never, ever judge a book by its cover.  If you followed this, you would look at me and see a 5’2”, 100-pound, 16-year-old-looking person.  You would totally judge me as someone… Continue reading

Simply Sublime

The word ‘Sublime’ is a pretty awesome word.  Take a moment and say the word outloud.  Sublime.  Ahh.  Don’t you just feel awesome now that you said it?  Aside from the fact that… Continue reading

Sorry Zari

As you will recall, I wrote a post called To the Zim a few months back.  It was based on my first visit to a small restaurant, Zim Zari, in a small town,… Continue reading

Super Twist

I can say with positivity that a good amount of American’s enjoy going to sporting events and eating a hot dog & beer.  Nearly every single food stand sells both hot dogs and… Continue reading