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Three Peat Flavor

I remember a time when I really liked Pringles.  This is back in the day when MTV Reality Shows were a good part of my life and my complete food obsession/issues/Foodie behavior had not… Continue reading

Oreo Dusting

Earlier this summer, I visited Burger King more times than I did in the entire year prior.  On my quest for Sweet Potato Fries, the new menu and a one time trial of the Bacon… Continue reading

Creations They Are Not

I am always looking for new snacks to add into my grocery purchases.  I like to mix the food items up for everyone in my family so that they can enjoy a variety… Continue reading

Fine Line

Besides the Fine Line between Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, there is a Fine Line between Fast Food and Fast-Casular-Counter Service Food.  While this line very much exists, many Fast Food locations like to… Continue reading

Quarter Year

Today is my Quarter Year Birthday and I am planning on making this year a great one.  One of my former co-workers first brought up the term ‘Quarter Year’ a few months back,… Continue reading

One Funky Burrito

The concept of a Breakfast Burrito, is a pretty awesome thing.  Load up some scrambled eggs, veggies, cheese and protein of choice, and you are set to go.  Not only do you get… Continue reading

Triple D…Gusting

On our most recent trip to Tampa, for the Sugarland Concert, we decided to try some where new for lunch.  So, during the weeks prior to our visit, we researched some lunch items… Continue reading

To the Graveyard

Prior to actually typing out a post, I construct the general layout and theme in my head.  Normally I do this while on my 5am morning run or while I am actually eating… Continue reading

Champion Eats

A few weeks back, we were planning on going to Tampa for a mini-weekend.  Why you may ask?  Well, we had tickets to the Sugarland Concert at the 1-800-ASK-GARY Amphitheatre for Friday night and decided… Continue reading

Third Times a Charm

I have always thought the saying “Third Times a Charm” to be just a bit odd.  Why should it take you three times of doing something before it becomes a charm?  Shouldn’t the… Continue reading