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Easy & Hot & Sweet

The rotation of new fast food items seems to go in cycles.  For months at a time (or if you are Burger King), new items are coming out all the time.  Then, you… Continue reading

A Whole New World

I have always been a fan of Chick-fil-A.  I love that they serve high-quality fare and their service, is second to none.  Every Saturday morning at 6:30am, I am at our local CFA… Continue reading

My First Time…With a Guy Named Popeye

Now get your minds out of the gutter.  Yes, this post may be about my First Time but, it’s My First Time…With a Guy Named Popeye.  As in the Popeye who makes and… Continue reading

Chicken McFlavorless

It has always bothered me how McDonalds adds the ‘Mc’ to so many of their menu items.  McChicken, McDouble, McFlurry and most recently, McBites.  Really?  Is it really necessary?  We already know that… Continue reading

Zinging Love

Who would ever think that a simple chicken tender tossed in a sauce could be one of the most tasty things ever?  A piece of chicken breast, lightly breaded, fried and tossed in… Continue reading


One of the nicer fast food options is Chick-fil-A.  They serve up real food, are normally very pleasant and are very clean.  I haven’t always loved CFA but, I have always at least… Continue reading