Chicken McFlavorless

It has always bothered me how McDonalds adds the ‘Mc’ to so many of their menu items.  McChicken, McDouble, McFlurry and most recently, McBites.  Really?  Is it really necessary?  We already know that the products aren’t real food but adding in the ‘Mc’ just makes the items seem even more fake.  As you all know, I really don’t like McDonalds.  It is just really not good.  I go there on very few occasions as is the case in this post.

We went over to some friends house to watch the NFL Playoffs last Saturday.  We had a great time and had great food.  A variety of delicious dips to begin with followed by smoked chicken & potatoes were quite divine.  It was after 11pm when we left and we decided to stop by McDonalds for a small snack.  From time to time, a Double Cheeseburger late night, just sounds good.  I was really not hungry and was not planning on ordering anything. 

When we arrived at the drive-thru, I began to order and saw a sign for Chicken McBites!  As a total foodie, I have read about these on many other blogs but hadn’t seen them in Naples.  Well, they were here.  At this McDonalds…on this Saturday night.  Since I have no plans on going back to McDonalds soon, I decided I should probably order them now.  The McBites come in your choice of 3 sizes – Snack, Regular and Shareable.  I opted for the Snack Size, completed my order and waited for our food.

I really have to stress just how gross I think McDonalds is.  I would so waste my calories on almost any other fast food any day of the week.  McDonalds just does nothing for me.  At all.  Gross.  Okay, I’m done with that.  Let’s just talk food.

After waiting quite some time, our food arrived.  I opened up the box of McBites and found that it was quite full.  For only $1.99, you certainly received a lot of McBites.  I requested Honey Mustard sauce and opened a packet.  The sauce holders they have in the McBite box may be nice but I didn’t use them.  One of the biggest things I found is that these McBites were not hot at all.  At best, they were luke warm.  While I am not a huge fan of food that is super-hot, these really needed to be served warmer than they were.  Obviously, this means they were sitting in a basket under a hot lamp for a while.  Ugh.

The McBites were all different sizes which is exactly what I was expecting.  I ate the first McBite on its own and it literally tasted like nothing.  Nothing.  Not even batter.  Purely tasted like nothing.  I thought okay, maybe it was just this one.  I tried another and it was the same thing – no flavor or taste at all.  The consistency of the McBite was also quite odd.  It was in no way crispy nor was it chicken-like.  It was like eating soggy mush.  The McBite was McFlavorless.

I decided to open the Honey Mustard and try a McBite with that.  Since I rarely eat McDonalds, I have never before had their Honey Mustard Sauce.  Well, that is a good thing because it is not good.  Normally, bad Honey Mustard Sauce to me is overly sweet & sugary.  This sauce was not sweet or tangy or anything – it was once again flavorless.  There is no way that I would have known that this was Honey Mustard Sauce had it not been for the package.  I enjoy sweet & tangy honey mustard sauce and this was just runny & boring.  Perhaps it would be better with a McBite dipped in?

No, it wasn’t any better and neither was the McBite.  Even with the Honey Mustard Sauce, the McBite was still quite bland.  The addition of Honey Mustard Sauce helped in only one way – it made the McBite more moist and easier to chew and swallow.  I didn’t get any flavors out of the Honey Mustard or the McBite at all.  Not even pepper.  Or salt.  Nothing.  Really, this was quite amazing to me.  I’ve eaten plenty of bad stuff but never something that was so bland.

I really had to force myself to eat these McBites and I was so over and done with them from the get go.  A complete & total waste of calories for sure!  I can in no way shape or form recommend these McBites to anyone.  I was expecting them to be crispy & have flavor and they were simply just not.  If these McBites were decent, they would be a great buy if you were forced to go to McDonalds.  This is just not the case.  Rather than Chicken McBites they are simply Chicken McFlavorless.