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Ain’t Got No Mojo

When you decide to name and market an item in your line as ‘Mojo’ you better be putting out a pretty good project.  To decide that this item is the ‘Mojo’ of your… Continue reading

A Minty Ending to My Day

Wow.  Last night I tried, for the first time, a Keebler Jumbo Mint Fudge Stick.  It was shockingly delicious and the perfect Minty Ending to My Day.  I’m not sure why I was… Continue reading

Woosy Palate

Grandma is Back.  I apologize for my long and totally unexpected hiatus.  Let me give you a brief recap.  Week before last, my company at the time decided they were giving us a… Continue reading

My Oh My

If you have been reading this blog for any time at all, you will find that I frequently discuss the consistency of products.  Products that are crunchy or have that perfect chew to… Continue reading

Gourmet They Are Not

There are two restaurants in this world that serve up the best sandwiches – Penn Station and Earl of Sandwich.  These are two places that I talk bout months after eating there and… Continue reading

Mint Storm in My Mouth

By far one of my favorite cookies is the Oreo.  I may even dare to say that it is my favorite.  Those chocolate wafers combined with a layer of white cream are just… Continue reading

No Mas

First off, let me apologize for not posting in many days.  My plan was to post on Sunday night and then again on Monday but, this just did not happen.  My apologies to… Continue reading

The Most Boring Way to Consume 45 Calories

I am certain that I have found the most boring way to consume 45 calories – by eating one White Cheddar Rice Cake.  Yes, the rice cake may only contain 45 calories, but… Continue reading

Slimming Me Down

Now, I certainly like me a lot of dessert items.  Cookies, Ice Cream, Candies and so on…I like them all.  I can’t say if there is one that I like more than another… Continue reading

Mystical Creature

I really don’t understand why more restaurants don’t serve Sweet Potato Fries.  I mean, even if they wanted to up charge for them, they should at least offer them.  I am over the… Continue reading