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Red and Yellow

What has now become one of my favorite places to get sushi, used to be just a nearby restaurant.  A restaurant that was so close, I could basically arrive to its front door… Continue reading

No More Tagging Along

Well, I have come to the end of my trial of Girl Scout Cookies.  As you read from my previous 2 posts, I have really not been impressed.  After sampling the Tagalongs last… Continue reading

Sweet, Familiar Taste

Shortbread and butter cookies have always held a special place in my heat (I’m sure it’s just the butter in them clogging my arteries).  I’m not sure what it is that brings me… Continue reading

Thinning Mints

Well, it’s that time of the year again folks.  That great time where you find yourself bombarded with varieties of them every time you leave the grocery store.  That time when you scrape… Continue reading

We Forgot to Add the Fillings

I rarely purchase ice cream at the grocery store for consumption at home.  Very rare occasions do I ever do so and they normally are centered on needing the ice cream for a… Continue reading

Froyo Loveyo

I don’t know how it is in your town but, here in Naples and the surrounding area, the amount of self-serve froyo locations to pop up is astounding.  It seems like there is… Continue reading

Succulently Smoky

Try to say that title 5 times fast…lounge twister for sure.  But, when you are using it to describe some glorious BBQ Chicken, it is quite worth the twister.  This is the case… Continue reading

Smooth Criminal

I propose that Peanut Butter & Co change the name of one of their peanut butter option, Smooth Operator, to the name of Smooth Criminal.  Smooth Criminal is by far a much cooler… Continue reading

This Post is Boring

If you haven’t already guessed from Grandma’s Backyard, I love Mexican food.  On a weekly basis I cook a Mexican based meal – tacos, burritos, nachos, fajitas, Mexican casserole, etc.  I use a… Continue reading

York plus Pretzel plus Chocolate Does Not Equal Yum

Pretzels are one of my favorite things to eat.  I love the fact that I can eat 53 pretzel sticks for a mere 100 calories.  I absolutely am a sucker for Soft Pretzels… Continue reading