Day 12

The office at work today had no heat all day long. Talk about being miserably cold all day. Ugh. It sucked so bad. I kept putting off eating lunch because I was so cold!

Breakfast was Myoplex Shake.

Morning snack was glass of Juicy Juice Punch at about 10:30am.

Lunch was norm, Morningstar Farms Chicken Patty with American cheese and lettuce, 11 pretzel crisps, 1 chips deluxe rainbow cookie and I had an Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmer Zero to drink. I really love those. Only 2nd time I have ever had but so delish. I love unsweet tea and this is combo of that and lemonade. Has no calories and no sugar. Schwing. I should also mention that my chicken patties I eat for lunch are not real chicken but soy.

Afternoon snack I had one slice of those left over quesadillas from Sunday…def time to throw those out. And a small bite of mozzarella cheese.

Dinner we made London broil. I swear we just made this like a week ago…which I’m pretty sure we did but whatever…I don’t eat it. I had a left over piece of lasagna, broccoli and 3 of those Hawaiian rolls. Thank goodness the rolls are all gone!

Nothing for dessert…too full on carbs.

Carbs do a runners body good.