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Amazing Factor

How does one accurately describe one of the most amazing Cookies that has ever existed?  How does one portray that this is not just a cookie but, an amazing cookie?  How does one… Continue reading

Cereal Treats? Really? Can’t We Just Call Them Rice Krispie Treats?

It drives me crazy when people call Rice Krispie Treats, Cereal Treats.  We all know that they are Rice Krispie Treats.  Cereal Treats could really be any cereal mixed with marshmallows.  But, Rice… Continue reading

A One Letter Name is Just Snazzy

W.  One simple letter that means so many things.  For Wendy’s, it equates to their newest burger offering that seems to be getting some pretty heavy promotion.  I normally do not visit the… Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Surprise

While we were in Blairsville, we made a journey to the small town of Helen, GA.  Helen is a decked out Alpine Village town about 30 minutes from BVille.  We go every year… Continue reading

Processed Holiday Joy

McDonalds is known for serving up some of the most processed, most fake Fast Food there is.  I have always felt that their pies scream this fact.  There is no way that you… Continue reading

The Best Enchiladas in the Entire World

Yes, that title does carry a lot of weight to it.  I realize this.  I am ready to take on the challenge of this statement in the best way possible.  The Best Enchiladas… Continue reading

Armadillo? Yes, Please

The Armadillo Grill.  Sounds like a pretty fun place.  Perhaps they serve Armadillo?  Well, at one time they did but, the new restaurant location no longer does.  Instead, The Armadillo Grill serves up… Continue reading

Get Your Rodeo On

I really don’t eat fast food when I am home.  Yes, I enjoy trying out new items that seem to be really cool or indulging every so often but, for the most part,… Continue reading

Time to Eat for Thanks

Happy Turkey Day to everyone.  As everyone is sitting relaxing after stuffing themselves with a big ol’ meal, I have decided to spend a few moments to review all of the food that… Continue reading

Two More Freebies

The Holiday Drink Special Buy One Get One has come to an end at Starbucks.  But, before it did, I was able to try the two other Holiday Drinks in addition to the… Continue reading