Thursday Slowday

This week just wants to finish off at a creepingly slow pace. Once again today just creeped on by. Really week…can’t we just get to Friday and be done with you? Jeez. I really think I will go crazy if work is slow tomorrow. I just want this week to be O V E R !

Breakfast was Myoplex Shake. It wasn’t as good as normal because it didn’t seem as cold. Was from a new pack so tomorrows should be better.

Lunch was Morningstar Farms chicken patty with lettuce and American cheese, 11 pretzel crisps and 1 chips deluxe cookie. Also had the Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmer Zero to drink. Really digging them.

Dinner I made pasta for Taylor and I and I made Mommy grilled veggies and chicken patties. Had my pasta with marinara sauce and served Taylor’s with Alfredo sauce. It was that whole wheat pasta which is just not as good as regular pasta. Just doesn’t quite do it for me. Had an entire bowl full plus 3 bites. Also had broccoli for the vegetable.

Dessert was once again more water. One day I am going to keep track of how much water I drink. It will probably scare you all.

The sun should be out tomorrow and Saturday! Yipppppeeeeee!!!