Willow Wednesday Feb 3

I would say that I will probably title this entire month as Feb instead of February. I don’t like typing out the word February. Something about it is just a big pain in the butt. Feb is short, fast and def to the point. Not sure where ‘willow’ came in. That sure is a fun word.

Breakfast was Myoplex.

Morning snack was a glass of Simply Orange, OJ.

Lunch was MF Chicken Patty with American cheese and lettuce, 23 pretzel sticks and 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie. Also had a zero Arnold. It was exciting to get to have so many pretzel sticks. Plus, I broke them all into halves. Sweet.
Afternoon snack was a oatmeal raisin Chewy bar and a few bites of leftover pasta salad.

Dinner was spaghetti with marinara sauce and bread sticks. Oh my…it was quite delish. I mixed in parm and ricotta cheese with my spaghetti. And I had two bread sticks with it. We also had broccoli. I made Taylor’s spaghetti with meat sauce and Mommy had just ground beef with cheese and onions. Also made her a little side salad. I had a McDonalds Unsweet Iced Tea with my meal too. I got it for Mommy on my way home then knew she would probably complain about it. So before I went to soccer, I went to Moes and got her a tea from there. Jeez…I am nice.

Nothing for dessert.

So stoked I had leftover spaghetti for tomorrow night. Schwing.