The Burger of All Burgers Which We Call Taco

For whatever reason, we always refer to the Indian Burger as the Indian Taco.  For months before, and even the day of, we speak of and reference the Indian Taco.  But, the Indian Taco is a totally different entity than the Indian Burger.  We want, need and fully desire the Indian Burger.  It is the Burger of All Burgers and is more like a Taco than a Burger.  Wow, this sounds way to complex.

Once a year, the first weekend in February, I receive this being known as the Indian Burger.  Every single bite is fully savored and enjoyed and there is apparent after-glow once you have consumed one.  As you all recall, Indian Fry Bread is simply spectacular.  Well, guess what?  The Indian Burger is based around a piece of Indian FryBread.  Ohh yes.  A piece of perfect Fry Bread is cut and filled with ground beef, lettuce, shredded cheese and tomatoes.  My mouth is watering.

After we had consumed out piece of Fry Bread, we walked around the Seafood Festival for a little bit.  It wasn’t long before I decided I simply could not wait another moment and that I needed an Indian Burger (which I called Indian Taco).  We made our way back to the tent and ordered an Indian Burger All the Way, an Indian Burger with just cheese and another piece of Fry Bread.  Our items were served piping hot and my Indian Burger was burning my hand as I held it.  And this burger was heavy – you certainly get your $9 worth.

While waiting for my Indian Burger to cool, I marveled at the size of it.  This thing was packed full with fresh ingredients.  I nibbled on a few pieces of the exterior before biting in.  Now, this may be a burger but it is eaten hard taco style.  Once it had cooled, I took my first bite.  Wow.  It was so good.  I took another bite right away to get all of flavors into my mouth at once.  As I chewed, the after-glow was already starting to appear.

The ground beef is seasoned with onions and Everglades seasoning.  This gives the ground beef a totally different taste than normal.  It is extremely tender ground beef and not overly salty tasting at all.  You can tell they use a higher fat ground beef which makes it much more juicy.  There are also apparent onions in the ground beef which add additional flavor and texture.  The ground beef melts into the Indian Bread and it creates a totally new texture – one which is warm, juicy and oh-so tasty.

As for the other toppings, they are all quite fresh.  The cheese is layered on top of the ground beef which makes the burger more like a burger than a taco.  The cheese is in thick shreds and melts right into the hot ground beef and hot Fry Bread.  The result is gooey and delicious.  The lettuce is coarsely chopped, fresh and very cool.  I love the variation in temperature from the ground beef/cheese layer and the lettuce layer.  While there are not a ton of tomatoes, there are plenty.  Every tomato piece is large, juicy and perfectly ripe.

Once all of these toppings are added to a piece of already great Fry Bread, the end result is the Burger of all Burgers.  While I completely love the Fry Bread on its own, I think I can say that the Indian Burger is even better.   Fresh ingredients, the perfect combination of ingredients and a piece of Fry Bread, makes this burger a true winner to me and allows itself a place in my heart.  I downed that huge Indian Burger in no time and wore that after-glow like a champ.  In the year to come, I will anxiously await the Indian Taco.  Because at the end of the day, it truly is the Burger of All Burgers Which We Call A Taco.