Quarter Year

Today is my Quarter Year Birthday and I am planning on making this year a great one.  One of my former co-workers first brought up the term ‘Quarter Year’ a few months back, and I fell in love with it right away.  Since then, I have been using this reference whenever I reference my birthday.  I have big plans for this Quarter Year.  And don’t all you worry – these big plans include Grandma’s Backyard.  Since it is a Wednesday, and I do have to work, I have no real plans for the day.  But, don’t you worry – I will eat plenty this weekend to make up for it.  Happy Quarter Year to Me.

A few weeks back, we were in Ft. Myers on a Saturday afternoon, and stopped at Lee Roy Selmon’s for lunch.  Both Mommy and Taylor had been there before but, for me, this was my first time.  Since we are a USF Family, we of course love the late LRS, and I was happy to visit this location.  First off, our service was great.  We were promptly seated and our waitress was quite attentive.  Since this was lunch, I didn’t want anything huge.  The menu features mostly bbq inspired items.  I opted for the Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwich with fries.  Mommy ordered her meal with the Sweet Potato Fries, that way we could try both.

After waiting forever (it wasn’t really…I was just really hungry), our food arrived.  I saw that there was no bbq sauce on the table so, I asked our waitress to bring us some.  She brought us this beauty with 4 different sauces.  These included sweet, spicy, mustard and asian.  I tried all of the sauces on their own as well as with some fries.  I found that I like the sweet and the spicy the most.  While the sweet was not too too sugary, the spicy was also not really spicy.  This gave both of the sauces a pleasant taste from start to finish.  The asian bbq sauce was just not my cup of tea and reminded me too much of orange sauce.  As for the mustard, it was just bbq and mustard – no real flavors stood out to me.  I appreciate the options and we had no problem finishing all of the sauce.

The first thing I noticed was that my chicken sandwich was not covered in bbq sauce and it had a piece of bacon on it.  After removing the bacon, I cut the sandwich in half and tried a bite.  The bun was very soft and on the verge of being overpowering.  The lettuce & tomato were cold and crisp – just the way I like them.  The cheddar cheese melted onto the chicken was there but, besides feeling the consistency as I chewed, I could not really taste the cheese.  The chicken itself was moist but lacking of any real bbq flavor.  With the addition of bbq sauce, the sandwich was much, much better.  As for the regular fries, they were a thicker cut and were seasoned.  I enjoyed the fries but, wouldn’t say they were the best ever.  I would have been fine with or without them.

Now, I did enjoy the sweet potato fries quite a bit.  But, I mean really, why wouldn’t I?  Every fry I had, contained the sweet, puffy interior that a sweet potato fry should.  Even though the exterior was not quite as done as I would have liked it, the overall fry was amazing.  These fries needed nothing else – no seasoning or dipping sauce.  On their own, they were magical.  I did only have a few of these fries but, found I much preferred them to the regular fries.  Also, these sweet potato fries were some of the biggest that I have ever seen and/or had.  I know I will be upgrading my side to sweet potato fries next time for sure.

And, yes, there will be a next time.  Even though I didn’t love my chicken sandwich, there were plenty of other items that I would be willing to try.  Plus, the sweet potato fries were great and the bbq sauce options were lovely.  And, I can not forget to stress how great the service was.  We often times overlook how important the service is to our overall impression of a restaurant.  This can not be done at LRS – the service is just too good.  Perhaps I will return once college football starts to cheer on the Bulls with the spirit of LRS.  On a different note, buckle up.  We are about to begin our Quarter Year Journey together – and it may get a bit wild.