Screamin Creamin

In honor of National Ice Cream Day – which was yesterday – I figure today is a good day to talk about granola bars.  What?  Say What?  Nah, I’m just messing.  Today, is a good day to talk about Ice Cream.  I’m a Screamin Creamin.  A few weeks back, we were in Ft. Myers and knew the location we would be trying.  We had heard about this place from family and the reviews, said enough.  Expect lines out the door and some good ol’ homemade goodness.  With this in mind, and bellies ready to be full, we pulled into Love Boat.


Love Boat is located near Ft. Myers Beach and is a small location indeed.  You could easily drive past this place a ton of times and never actually spot it.  But, once you do, you are bound to be intrigued.  The lines out the door should be a good indicator this will be a pretty good place to stop.  We walked in – just barely as no one could fit in past us – on a Saturday night around 8:00pm.  At first glance, the place was an organized mess.  The menu board was posted on the wall and tons of pennants were pinned up everywhere there was space.  I spotted what I would be getting pretty quickly – Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, in a Waffle Cone.  The menu board was pretty impressive as were the multiple varieties of cones that are offered.

I opted for a small, as reading reviews told me this wouldn’t be small at all.  When I was served my cone, this was indeed confirmed.  There was nothing small here as heaps of ice cream poured out of the top of my waffle cone.  I dug right into the ice cream which, lucky for me, included a bit spot of peanut butter.  I found the peanut butter to be good but, not overwhelming.  It almost seemed as if it needed more of a peanut butter taste.  There were plenty of peanut butter swirls throughout however, these really did not stand out to me.  Now, the chocolate ice cream itself, was awesome.  It was extremely rich, creamy & smooth.  Every single lick & bite provided me with a creamy-cocoa goodness.  It was divine and absolutely tasted homemade.  The only downside was that the chocolate ice cream was so good, and the peanut butter so sub-par, that they did not play well together.  One did not compliment the other.


I quickly completed my ice cream and began on my cone.  The cone was delectable and had a great waffle-cone flavor.  I had no problem finishing my ice cream but, it was indeed a huge portion.  My overall impression of this ice cream was good however, not so good to make me want to go back over and over again.  I can understand the line however, I would not go out of my way to wait in it.  By far, the winner in my cone was the chocolate ice cream base.  The chocolatey goodness left me as a pathetic Screamin Creamin.  I would indeed go back to Love Boat, and would recommend it to anyone who was passing by.  Perhaps next time the batch will be a little bit stronger and the peanut butter will be ready to play.  Because this time, it simply wasn’t.