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The Wait Before the Q

Don’t you just hate when the wait at a restaurant is entirely way too long?  Here in Naples, we are so lucky to have the snowbirds from October until April.  Once they make their… Continue reading

Transported Back

On our second full day in BVille, we once again decided to venture out for breakfast.  It was a Sunday so we knew we had to arrive early in order to avoid the… Continue reading


I really think that McDonalds should add a ‘Mc’ to the beginning of every one of their menu items.  Yes, the menu is flooded with these items but, I need more.  You, the great… Continue reading

Now We’re Cooksing

Over the weekend, we visited my gparents in Bville.  This equals visiting our favorite eating holes over the course of a few days.  In the past, we have visited breakfast locations only a handful… Continue reading

No Pedestal for You

Throughout life, you come across food items that immediately hold a special place in your heart.  These are items you hold up on a pedestal, and any similar items, are immediately compared to these.  Of… Continue reading

Simply, Perfectly Moist

As you may or may not know, Taylor’s Birthday is on the 4th of July.  Every year, I try to select a cake that is really special and normally, pretty over the top. … Continue reading

Smooth Criminal

I propose that Peanut Butter & Co change the name of one of their peanut butter option, Smooth Operator, to the name of Smooth Criminal.  Smooth Criminal is by far a much cooler… Continue reading

Name Changes Are Just F-U-N

Re-naming a restaurant is always a good idea.  You let the community know that you are no longer the restaurant you were prior to this name change.  You are new and revived and… Continue reading

Cereal Treats? Really? Can’t We Just Call Them Rice Krispie Treats?

It drives me crazy when people call Rice Krispie Treats, Cereal Treats.  We all know that they are Rice Krispie Treats.  Cereal Treats could really be any cereal mixed with marshmallows.  But, Rice… Continue reading

A One Letter Name is Just Snazzy

W.  One simple letter that means so many things.  For Wendy’s, it equates to their newest burger offering that seems to be getting some pretty heavy promotion.  I normally do not visit the… Continue reading