I really think that McDonalds should add a ‘Mc’ to the beginning of every one of their menu items.  Yes, the menu is flooded with these items but, I need more.  You, the great people, need more.  Let’s just Mc it all out.  As I have mentioned before, I think McDonalds is so gross.  I avoid it at all costs.  While traveling and presented with a fast food meal, my response is always anything but McDonalds.  Yuck.  It is just such gross, processed, sodium laden foods.  Back in the day, McDonalds had killer Diet Coke’s.  But now, at least in Naples, they suck.  However, in BVille, the McDonalds rocks out the $1 any size Diet Coke.  Yes please I would love one.

After a ridiculously long visit to the Hallmark, Taylor and I decided it was time for a cold drink.  We swung by the McDonalds and picked some up.  While we were there, I saw they were advertising the Chicken Wings.  Now, I have seen these listed in test markets online.  Today was my lucky day.  I was finally in the vicinity of a test market.  With this in mind, I placed my order for a 3 piece of the wings along with a side of bbq sauce.  Just so everyone know’s, when I placed my order for these items, I already knew I would not like them.  First off, I don’t like fried wings.  And second, and more importantly, this was McDonalds.  Sodium City as I sometimes call it.

The wings arrived in a box similar to those used for the Chicken Selects.  Mighty Wings was proclaimed on the front of the box but, in my opinion, this should have said McWings.  I opened the box and found 3 wings inside.  I pulled off a piece of one and ate it, with no sauce.  The first thing I realized was that the breading, contained a bit of a spicy kick.  There was definitely a variety of pepper flavors infused into the breading of this wing.  The next thing I realized was, besides the breading, this chicken wing had absolutely no flavor whatsoever.  If my eyes were closed, I would have never been able to recognize that I was eating breaded chicken wings.

It was almost as if the chicken was a processed form, similar to tofu, except for the fact that it did not pick up the flavors around it.  Any of the bites I had that did not contain breading, also did not contain any flavor.  I tried some of the chicken wing with the bbq sauce and the end result was no better.  This was the worst bbq sauce I have ever had and I really wouldn’t even call it bbq sauce.  I appreciate a sweet bbq sauce but, this was all sugar.  There was no bbq flavor at all…blah…so gross.  I did find the wing to be completely cooked with a crispy exterior – the only plus in the whole thing.

I guess in a way, I am glad that I tried these wings.  I am also glad that I only ordered a 3 piece, and that Taylor tried one – I only had to waste 1 wing.  After eating 1 of these, I have no desire to ever, ever eat them again.  I really see no point in McDonalds serving bone-in chicken wings.  I just think they try way too hard and expand the menu far outside of their reach.  Spicy breading & flavorless chicken, in my book, does not equal a Might Wing.  No, no Mighty title for you Wing.  You my friend, will have the lowlife title, and forever be known as a, McWing.