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Nothing Beats Classic

I have never really been a big fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  I have always preferred the sweet factor of Reese’s Pieces much, much more.  Even with that, I do appreciate a… Continue reading

Minty Green Money Shot

Happy Tax Day everyone.  I always found the rushing effect of Tax Day to be pretty funny.  You have weeks and weeks to prepare your taxes – why would you ever wait until… Continue reading

Woosy Palate

Grandma is Back.  I apologize for my long and totally unexpected hiatus.  Let me give you a brief recap.  Week before last, my company at the time decided they were giving us a… Continue reading

My Oh My

If you have been reading this blog for any time at all, you will find that I frequently discuss the consistency of products.  Products that are crunchy or have that perfect chew to… Continue reading

York plus Pretzel plus Chocolate Does Not Equal Yum

Pretzels are one of my favorite things to eat.  I love the fact that I can eat 53 pretzel sticks for a mere 100 calories.  I absolutely am a sucker for Soft Pretzels… Continue reading