York plus Pretzel plus Chocolate Does Not Equal Yum

Pretzels are one of my favorite things to eat.  I love the fact that I can eat 53 pretzel sticks for a mere 100 calories.  I absolutely am a sucker for Soft Pretzels and get one every chance I have.  Pretzels are really just a great food item.  Crispy or Soft, Hot or Cold they are just great.  A week or so ago I came across Snyder’s of Hanover York Peppermint Pretzel Sandwich with Dark Chocolate Covering.  I had never before seen these so grabbed a bag right away. 

Even though I love pretzels, I am not always big into chocolate covered pretzels.  It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t like them nearly as much as say Soft Pretzels.  I really had no idea what these chocolate covered pretzels would taste like.  I would understand the pretzel sandwich being peanut butter but York Peppermint?  Hmm.  I really had no clue what to expect when eating these pretzels.  Would the pretzel, mint and chocolate blend together well enough to make the pretzel sandwich work? 

I opened the bag and poured a few pretzel sandwiches out.  I was surprised to see that these sandwiches were quite large.  I have had the Snyders Cheese Pretzel Sandwiches before and they are pretty small in size.  These pretzel sandwiches were large and completely covered in dark chocolate.  Intriguing.  Rather than popping an entire sandwich into my mouth for the first taste, I decided to take a bite into the pretzel sandwich.  Hey, you gotta take it easy the first time.

At first bite, I found that the pretzel sandwich was indeed very thick but I didn’t really think anything about the taste.  I chewed and swallowed the first bite and still didn’t know what to think.  I ate the other half of the pretzel and let the after flavor simmer in my mouth for a few moments.  Even with the simmering, I was puzzled as to say what the flavor was or if I really liked these.  This really left me quite baffled. 

The chocolate covering was listed as dark chocolate however, I couldn’t really tell it was dark chocolate.  It was lacking in that ‘dark chocolate’ taste.  While it was not as sweet as milk chocolate, it was also not as bitter as dark chocolate.  I guess we can call it ‘mirk’ chocolate – somewhere in the abyss between milk and dark.  The pretzel located inside of the chocolate was very crunchy and tasty.  It did not lose it’s crunch at all during the process of making the sandwiches.  This was a definite plus.  Yes, I do like soft pretzels when they are meant to be soft.  Hard pretzels that are meant to be hard should be hard…not mushy or soft.  The pretzel was up to the same standard that other Synder pretzels are at and was not salty.

The York Peppermint center of the pretzel sandwich is the taste that is the baffling part.  I can’t say that it tasted like a York but I also can’t say that it has no taste at all.  It was kinda minty but not to the point that a York is.  The consistency was similar to processed cheese which is fine because it stayed within the pretzel even when it was bitten into.  I think trying to duplicate the taste of a York Peppermint Patty inside of a pretzel sandwich, was a hard task to do and Synders really did not complete the challenge.  Under-flavored and certainly not York was the final product that they received.  Maybe if the center was more York tasting, then the chocolate would have worked better which would have also made the pretzel work better resulting in a tasty overall treat.  But, that didn’t happen so stop dreaming.

I also tried to eat an entire pretzel sandwich at once rather than bite into it.  The pretzel sandwich was certainly better when eaten this way.  While still not really good, it lets the flavors mix together better and I was able to pick out additional flavors.  Under-flavored is by far the best way to describe this pretzel sandwich.  I also did not end up with any chocolate or mint after taste as you usually do with York’s.  I thought I would at least taste some chocolate at the end but the pretzel taste is the only taste that remained with me at all.  After eating two of these, I was pretty much done and over them.

I won’t be purchasing the Snyders York Pretzel Sandwich again.  I was just not impressed with it and, as I mentioned, the flavors were lacking.  I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with these pretzel sandwiches but I thought perhaps they would be a fun treat to have every now and again.  The pretzel inside was the star whereas the chocolate and York should have been.  I wonder if these have been a big hit or if others have found them similar in taste as I did.  They are not a product that I have seen in many places which leads me to believe the latter.  Ohh well.  Hit and a miss.  Move on and get over it.  I found that York plus Pretzel plus Chocolate Does Not Equal Yum.