Welcome All

Hello and Welcome to All.
Thank you for visiting Grandma’s Backyard. I know you will most def. be coming back again. As 2009 comes to an end and 2010 is about to begin, I have decided to embark on this epic journey. A journey that will not be easy but will most def be a fun and exciting one. A journey to document everything that I eat for the year 2010 and possibly longer. Everything. I’m talking I have 5 peanuts and you are going to know about it.
I have always loved to eat and spend a lot of time thinking about food. I prepare meals on a daily basis at home…many of which I do not eat. But, I am always eating something. I l o v e eating like no tomorrow when it comes to my most favorite foods.
Let me introduce myself properly before this journey begins in just over 12 hours. My name is Nicki and I am a 22 year old student. I will (hopefully) be attending dental school in the fall. I stand at 5’2 (with sneakers on) and weigh roughly 100 pounds. I eat like I am 5’10, 200 pounds. I am extremely active and am rarely found just sitting and not doing anything.
(p.s. – I’m the one on the left.)
I’m not really sure where I came up with this idea. I have been brainstorming on starting a blog for just over a month now but honestly only came to this decision a few short days ago. Grandma’s Backyard is first and foremost a Food Blog. But, of course, there will be more to it. I am really looking forward to this blog and hope it will be as much as I am hoping it will be.
I plan on providing pictures of everything. This will get boring as far as my M – F, breakfast and lunch goes, but there will always be the high points. Like when I eat enough food for two at Taco Bell or demolish an entire pizza.
My food habits will not be changing at all. I will not alter what I eat just for some good chat. I am beyond stoked to begin this blog and hope that you are as well. Feel free to comment with any type of questions/ideas/bs/anything. I am looking forward to meeting many new people and having F U N.
Have a wonderful New Years Eve and our journey will begin tomorrow.