Wise Men Still Seek Him!

First of all, Fudge is doing great! I stayed up pretty much all night last night just watching her sleep because I was so nervous!!! Took her to the vet today. They did x-ray that showed nothing being stuck anywhere. She did have some uck on her bronchial and a fracture in her tarter/possibly tooth. She is on two antibiotics and has to eat soft food for the week. She will also need to get her teeth cleaned and the fractured tooth pulled if it is indeed fractured. Now…on to the food.

Breakfast was same as always…Myoplex Shake. Was good as always.

Lunch was normal as well. Morningstar Farms Chicken Patty with lettuce, 12 pretzel crisps and 1 rainbow deluxe cookie. Will get picture of this tomorrow. I have really been a slacker as far as pictures go! I am normally so beyond hungry when I eat that I just dig right in! I also had a Sonic Route 44 Diet Coke add Vanilla with my lunch! The only Sonic in town is about 5 mins from the vets office so it is always a must stop for me! I love Vanilla Diet Coke! Love love love love.

Dinner for me was 20 Totinos Pizza Rolls and green beans. Honestly, I don’t know what attracts me to pizza rolls. They should be really gross but for some reason, I just love them. I went through a stage where I ate them every night for dinner…now I only buy them maybe once a month as a treat. I could easily put down the 40 count bag and have done so on many occasions. I made Taylor baby back ribs and fries for dinner. Ribs did not come out good at all and he only ate a few of them. Really upset with how they came out. I had them in dry rub all day then cooked them on 275 in oven. When they had about 20 mins left, I coated them with bbq sauce. Upsetting. I made Mommy sweet Italian sausage with onions, peppers and mushrooms for dinner. I didn’t hear any complaints from her so it must have been good.

As for dessert, I haven’t had that yet. I plan on eating the last bite of my rice krispie treat from Helen though. I need a restock of them! Nothing beats home made rice krispie treats! We once made them and put them in a 13 X 9 pan. Well, I ended up eating half the pans worth in about 10 mins. I did not feel good afterwards…

WDW is on my mind!