My Apologies!!!

First off, I must start with My Apologies of not posting last night!!! I laid down and was out. Felt totally miserable. I feel like I am getting a cold in my chest and that, combined with allergies and headache was not a good combination. So, I am posting now for yesterday January 7th 2010.

Breakfast was Myoplex Shake.

Morning snack I had early…around 9:30am…and it was a glass of Mott’s All Natural, No Sugar Added Apple Juice. It is like the color of apple cider and delicious. I normally have snack at 10:30am but I had to teach pee-wee soccer at that time, so I bumped it up.

Lunch was same as always for M-F. Morningstar Farms chicken patty with American cheese and lettuce, 11 pretzel crisps and 1 chips deluxe rainbow cookie. I also had a Diet Coke to drink. We bought Diet Coke when Mariann and Jena came over and I am loving getting to finish them with my lunch.

I was starving when I got home so I had my last piece of banana bread from Fresh Market.

Dinner I made thin chicken cutlets in cornflake crumbs and baked them in oven. I made Mommy’s piece with just olive oil and Montreal Chicken seasoning in oven as well. For Taylor and I, I served our pieces on a bun with a slice of American cheese. I had mine with honey mustard. The side item was creamy chicken rice. We didn’t have a veggie because Publix didn’t have any broccoli or peas when I tried to get and didn’t have any time on Thursday to go back. I made Mommy stir fry veggies and mixed in her left over sausage and the one piece of chicken.

I didn’t have anything for dessert.

My apologies again!