Jan 10th a Few Hours Late

First off…my apologies for not posting this last night! If I don’t post right after dinner, I lose track of time and just end up not posting. I was tired and in a bad mood last night so, that’s what happened.

Breakfast was a Myoplex Shake.

I didn’t have a morning snack.

Lunch I had two slices of sliced Golden Classic Chicken Breast with a little bit of mayo and then I had two slices of quesadillas I made for Taylor. He said they were too chewy which is why he didn’t eat them and I did.

For afternoon snack I munched on lasagna ingredients we were making to serve for dinner.

Dinner was lasagna, salad and green beans. We had Jena and Mariann over for dinner. The lasagna was excellent. So delish.

Nothing for dessert even though I made brownies (puke) and chocolate chip cookies.