Stinky Saturday the 9th of Jan

Today was a stinky and miserable day outside. I think we got up to a high of 42. I did not see the sun once today. It was cloudy, rainy and absolutely freezing out. I just wanted to eat warm food all day but never once could decide what it was that I was looking for. The soup I had last night gave me a stomach ache. I think I have a problem with foods containing cream products. I can eat most ice cream and be okay but sometimes…ice cream from certain places just kill my stomach. Okay…enough with that…on to the food!

Breakfast was a Natures Valley Peanut Granola Bar. Was boring and unfilling. I did pick up more Myoplex shakes today so I will be back on track with those tomorrow!

I was ready for morning snack by like 8:15 but made myself wait until 10:30. Had my glass of Motts Natural No Sugar Added apple juice and two Royal Dansk cookies from my tin. The tin does not close well and the cookies are pretty stale. I had two of the pretzel shaped cookies. I only took a picture with one because I was so hungry I ate the other while snapping the picture.

For lunch I had a Cheddar Cheese Amy’s Organic Burrito. It was okay. Nothing really all too great. I think they are getting cheaper with how much filling they put in it. I had three Taco Bell mild sauce packets with it. After that, I needed something sweet so I had a piece of Halloween Candy…well actually a little mini bag of Reeses Pieces.

I didn’t have afternoon snack or an afternoon nap. Both of which I most certainly needed.

For dinner I had a whole Publix Veggie Sub on Wheat bread. On my sub I had, American Cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers, black olives and honey mustard. I also had a bag of Dirty Chips, Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt flavor. I was planning on taking a picture of this but, by the time I actually got to sit down and eat, I was so starved I couldn’t wait. To drink I had an Arizona Iced Tea Arnold Palmer Zero. First time I have ever tried it and I enjoyed it greatly.

For dessert I had a 1/4 of a cookie I got at Pei Wei when I was picking up Taylor’s dinner.

Overall, a quite nasty day outside. A perfect day to nap and I DIDN’T GET TO!!! Hopefully…tomorrow.