Sucky Saturday the 16th

So today was a pretty Sucky Saturday. Everyone in my house was grouchy and being around them was giving me a headache. The food was eh, okay. Nothing too great but not totally sucky either.
Breakfast was a Myoplex Shake.

Nothing for morning snack.
Lunch I had sliced chicken breast, a slice of American cheese and lettuce in a burrito shell. Dipped it into honey mustard. This was an okay lunch. Was really just eating both because they are going to be bad soon and I don’t like to waste.

Nothing for afternoon snack.

For dinner, I had a whole veggie sub from Publix. They didn’t have wheat bread so I had to get my sandwich on multi-grain. Not very good. Bread was way way too hard. On my sub I had American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, black olives, banana peppers and honey mustard. With it I had a bag of Dirty Salt and Pepper chips as well as my new fav Arnold Palmer. Hmm…sounds like exact same dinner from last week. Ohh well. It would have been so much better if I had nice soft wheat bread.

For dessert I had a chocolate chip and m&m cookie from Great American Cookie in mall. Just like last nights, it just wasn’t good. They used to be really soft and flavorful and now they just aren’t. Still have 3 more because we got 5 for $5.55. Great. Had this with a glass of milk.

For a weekend I was greatly waiting for, today sucked. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Plus…it was cloudy all day today! Ugh!