Quick One Hitter of the Weekend, Jan 18 and 19

I have been such a horrible poster! Not only did I not post Sunday night but I didn’t post Monday night either! This will just be a quick one hitter on the two days with a further post to come this evening. This was a weekend of bad eating for sure!!! Haven’t had one like this in a long long time!

Sunday Jan 18th

Breakfast – Myoplex Shake

Lunch – Croissant

Dinner – 3 hard taco supremes, 2 double decker taco supremes, 1 crunchwrap and a large mountain dew…from Taco Bell

Monday Jan 19th

Breakfast – Myoplex Shake

Lunch – 2 double stacks, 2 chicken sandwiches, medium fry, large diet coke…from Wendys.

Dinner – Calistoga Greek Salad, with no feta cheese.

Ohh geezers.