Regulation Size Jan 17th and 18th

Okay…so as promised, a regulation sized version of Sunday Jan 17th and Monday Jan 18th! And of course, today will be coming up after this…

Sunday Jan 17th:

Breakfast was a Myoplex shake.

Lunch was a croissant. Warmed it up in the microwave and ate it in like 20 seconds. I just love croissants. I wasn’t too hungry at lunch time and I wanted to save myself for my Taco Bell feast at night. Took a 2 hour bike ride as well which helped with prepping the bod.

Dinner was my Taco Bell feast. I got 3 hard taco supremes, 2 double decker taco supremes and one crunchwrap. I had a large mountain dew to drink and also drank like 5 big glasses of water as I was eating. I rented Fanboys to watch while I ate and took my time…took just about 1 hour for me to eat everything. I ate in this order…double decker, 2 taco supremes, crunchwrap, taco supreme, and finally double decker. Everything was delish. Had like 20 mild sauces along with it too.

Monday Jan 18th:

Breakfast was a Myoplex shake.

Lunch…I was starved. I had already been rollerblading and running as well as laid out at the pool for a little while…I was starved. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted. Knew I wanted to have one more really big meal so I decided on Wendys. I kinda thought I’d maybe do Taco Bell again…but…Wendys is closer and I was starved. I got 2 double stacks and 2 chicken sandwiches as well as a medium fry and large diet coke. I ate double stack, chicken, double stack, chicken and ate the fries during the entire meal. It was wonderful. That was probably due to the fact I was starving but who cares.

Dinner I wasn’t too hungry. Taylor and Mommy had just gotten back from a band trip in St. Pete and Taylor wanted orange chicken. So we headed to the food court and I got a Greek salad from Calistoga with no feta cheese. Really, it was just a lot of lettuce, a few olives, 2 peppers and dressing. Wasn’t anything great but it was do-able.