Today is Still Not Over…Thursday Jan 28th 2010

So today is still not over. Feels like it should be 2am by now. The day is just creeping by. I am so ready for this weekend to begin.

Breakfast was Myoplex.

Morning snack was glass of Simply Orange, OJ.

Lunch was norm…MF chicken patty with lettuce and American cheese, 11 pretzel cheese sandwiches, 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie. I had a diet Arizona Iced Tea with it. I was going to bring an Arnold, but when I stopped by Publix this morning, they had no Zero Arnolds! Eek! I hope this doesn’t mean they are no longer going to sell them!!!

Dinner was a veggie sub from Publix with Dirty Salt and Pepper chips. I coach two Pee-Wee Soccer classes on Thursday and just don’t feel like cooking nor do I really have the time to cook.

After dinner I was still kinda hungry so I opted for a Drumstick bar. This was probably the first Drumstick I have had in 10 years. They have most certainly decreased in size! Jeez. What cheap people. And they are in a different packaging as well. Not as good as I remember. Much too small.

Please let tomorrow fly by.