Busy Times…Friday Jan 29 – Sunday Jan 31

Hello my Loyal Followers. Are you out there? Is anyone actually reading this? Probably not but it’s all good. This weekend was quite busy which is why I am posting all of it in just one post.

Friday Jan 29th:

Breakfast was Myoplex!

Lunch was norm…Morningstar Farms chicken patty with lettuce and American Cheese, 11 pretzel cheese sandwiches and 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie. To drink I had a Diet Arizona Iced Tea. Yummy!

Dinner was pasta salad and mixed veggies. Used whole wheat pasta and ranch dressing for the pasta salad. Mixed veggies were a bag of Steamfresh. Both were very good.

Saturday Jan 30th:

I ran a 5k this morning and then had to hustle my butt to the t-ball class I teach at 9am. 5k started at 8am.

Breakfast I had two quarter bagel pieces with peanut butter and a banana…both things were after the race at finish line. I finished 2nd in my age group and overall I was 117 out of 462.

Lunch was leftover chicken tender sub that I got Taylor on Thursday night and a salad with honey mustard. Sub was not so great. I had a yellow Gatorade to drink. After the 5k, I ran at t-ball then went home and ran 2 more miles with Mommy. I thought my body would appreciate the Gatorade. I love yellow Gatorade. Only type I will drink.

Dinner was Iguana Mia! I had the taco salad with black beans and tex-mex beef. I forgot to bring the camera so I have no photo. I had a ton of chips as well and a diet coke to drink. Overall the meal was very nice.

For dessert, we went to Carvel. I wasn’t really craving my regular but went with it anyway. Since that, I have been wishing I tried the chocolate volcano ice cream…Ohh well…Next time. I get swirl ice cream with hot fudge and Reese’s pieces. Delish! Carvel is amazing!!!
Sunday Jan 31st:

Breakfast was a Myoplex bar. Was grocery shopping at Publix so just grabbed a bar as I shopped.

Lunch was a tomato and mozzarella cheese panini sandwich. Was sooo yummy. I made Taylor a roast beef and cheese panini and he said his was good as well. So so good. Made them on sourdough bread. Delish! I also had a salad with honey mustard as my side item.

Dinner was Firecracker Casserole. I found the recipe in Taste of Home. You mix ground beef and black beans and put them in casserole dish. Next, you put tortillas over the mixture and cover them with a mix of cream of mushroom soup and (I used) salsa. You cover all that with cheese and bake for 30 minutes. This was the first time I have made it and it was pretty good. The tortillas get warm and chewy and mix perfectly with everything. To drink I had a Route 44 Diet Coke add Vanilla from Sonic. I love this drink. The Sonic is like 30 minutes from my house so I don’t get it too often. So amazing.

So now we are all caught up. I am so tired and exhausted. This weekend was busy. Hope this week goes by fast. Fantasy Baseball sign-ups tomorrow? Not sure yet but I certainly hope so! Can’t wait!!!