Monday Feb 1

It is February. Finally. January went by pretty fast besides the final week. The final week felt as if it took an entire week to go by. Superbowl is this weekend and next weekend, we are going to Disney. Yipee!!!

Breakfast was Myoplex.

Morning snack was glass of Simply Orange, OJ.

Lunch was norm…Morningstar Farms chicken patty with American cheese and lettuce, 9 pretzel cheese sandwiches and 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie. To drink I had a Zero Arnold Palmer.

Snack was some ritz bitz crackers with peanut butter. I was so so so hungry when I got home.

Dinner was yellow rice, cheese and chicken casserole. I do it in layers…rice, chicken, cheese, rice, etc. It was good. Also had some peas with it. I love peas.

For dessert I had two Publix chocolate chips cookies and a glass of milk. Yum.

It is February 1st and Fantasy Baseball hasn’t opened up yet. I can’t wait any longer.