Friday Feb 5th 2010

It seems as if on the weekends, I do all my posts in one day. Not sure why this is. I have had plenty of time to do these posts on the correct days. But…one way or another, it doesn’t happen. So this will be Friday and then I will do a joint Saturday and Sunday.

Breakfast was Myoplex.

Morning snack was a glass of 100% all Natural, no sugar added, Apple Juice.

Lunch was MF chicken patty with American Cheese and lettuce, 26 pretzel sticks, 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie and an Arnold. The chicken patties the last few weeks just haven’t been as good as normal. I’m not sure as to why.

Dinner was TACO BELL!!! I was so so so hungry by the time we got there and I def overgorged. I got 3 hard taco supremos, 2 double decker taco supremes, a crunchwrap and a large mountain dew. So wonderful. Taylor got Moes and Mommy got Calistoga.

(Note: I can’t find my Taco Bell picture! URGH!)

Nothing for dessert because I was stuffed!

Superbowl is about to begin…more to come later.