New Year, Lots of Food

Happy New Year to All! I haven’t posted since November which I can not believe! The New Year Holiday was somewhat boring as was Christmas. My grandparents were in town for Christmas so we were out a lot. For this post, I plan on giving a brief run down of everything I ate with some extra points added to the really good food. Going from all the delish food back to my everyday eating…is quite boring.

My grandparents arrived on Monday the 20th and we went to Calistoga for lunch. I had my normal Greek Salad for eats. We then proceeded to have lunch at Calisota on the 21st and the 22nd. I guess you would say the gparents really liked it there. I had Greek Salad all three times we were there. By the 22nd, I was pretty much over Greek Salad from Calistoga.

For dinner Monday night, we went to Ale House. I had Fish Tacos. Amazing. Delish. Three fish tacos and rice and beans. Also had water and Mountain Dew to drink. The Fish Tacos are amazing at Ale House. They use Mahi Mahi which is grilled. The rice and beans aren’t like your typical rice and beans but nonetheless, are awesome. I add sour cream and cocktail sauce to my tacos. Delish.

Tuesday night for dinner we went to Capri Pizza. Amazing pizza. Probably the best, if not in the top 2, of pizza places in Naples. We ate in house and they brought us bread. The bread was basically pizza crust with some oil. It was really good. Warm and perfect. For dinner, I ordered regular pizza with pineapple. The pizza here is just amazing. The crust is the perfect size, the sauce is soo fresh and the cheese and pineapple, just set it over the top. I love when you can taste the ‘freshness’ in the ingredients. It makes the pizza that much better.

Wednesday we went to Outback for dinner. I don’t really like Outback. For quite a while, we went to Outback every single week. This totally killed Outback for me. I ordered a wide variety of things but since I don’t eat steak, half the menu was never available to me. For this nights trip, I got a side salad with ranch dressing and a loaded baked potato. I am a sweet potato girl. I love baked sweet potatoes. Well, I really love anything sweet potato. But for some reason, the loaded baked potato in the picture just looked amazing. I went ahead and ordered it and it was quite good. The salad is always good but I did leave there semi-hungry.

Thursday night we had Ale House Take Out. My grandfather really likes Ale House and decided he wanted it again. I was extremely hungry and thought to myself that I wanted the Zinger Mountain Melt. Basically, it is loaded fries with Zingers on top. Zingers are sauced up chicken fingers or boneless wings. I got my Zingers Honey Mustard and also got blue cheese dressing for dipping. The melt was good. The Zingers were certainly the best part and I probably would have been satisfied with just the Zingers and no fries. Still, an overall good meal.

Friday night I made Snow Crab legs, Grilled Shrimp and Stone Crab Claws. It was Christmas Eve and that’s what my grandfather decided he wanted. I really was not in the mood to cook but ohh well…I did. I ate snow crab legs and shrimp…both of which were pretty good. The snow crab legs were pretty small which is a total pain. I also made creamed spinach and peas with it. Overall a decent meal but, not a meal I was craving.

Saturday night was Christmas night. We went over to Casey and Sheilas for dinner. They were serving steak and we also brought a Honey Baked Ham. Since I don’t eat either, I was left with sides. I had a twice baked potato, a baked sweet potato and corn. Yeah, all starch. The twice baked was pretty good and the baked sweet was awesome. There were a variety of desserts and I had a few samples.

On New Years Eve, I decided I wanted pizza so I ordered from Capri again. Same thing – Regular Pizza add Pineapple. Excellent. Perfect meal. Even better then the time before. And, I ordered an x-large just for me so I had 3 pieces left over which I ate on New Years Day and Jan 2.

New Years Day Dinner we got Five Guys. This is the first time since probably May that I have had Five Guys. It was perfect. Blissfull. I ordered a Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard and mayo. I also ordered a Little Cheeseburger with lettuce, tomato, pickle, ketchup, mustard and mayo. At Five Guys, a Cheeseburger has two patties and a Little Cheeseburger has one. Both were AWESOME. We also got an order of fries which I had a few of. I’m not a huge fan of Five Guys fries…I’d rather fill up on their perfect burgers. Its a combo of the burger, the sweetness of the bun and the freshness of the toppings that put them over the edge for me. Certainly the best burger. Anywhere. Anytime.

Those were the hi lights of my eating over the Holidays. I’m sure I am forgetting something but, I don’t think so, so, we will end it here. Yum.