Turkey Day

Merry Thanksgiving.

Today is my least favorite holiday. There is nothing about Thanksgiving that I like. I don’t really care for any of your ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving foods. I don’t like the fact that you basically spend the entire day in the house watching tv. For Thanksgiving this year, we are in Blairsville, GA at my grandparents house. The weather today is very, very nice. Temperature has been in the 60’s all day. Lovely. Yes, I am very thankful for a lot of things and yes, I do not like Thanksgiving.

We just finished eating. Joy. When we prepared the turkey, I was in the kitchen for a bit of that and assisted in stuffing it, sewing it shut, transferring it and getting it in the oven to cook. I was in the kitchen from about 12:45pm until we sat down to eat at about 4:00pm. It was hot and busy pretty much all afternoon. I First, I started off cutting green onions and mushrooms for the sausage cups. Then, I peeled 8 potatoes and cut them as well. Next, I cut sliced Swiss cheese into extremely small pieces since we can not get shredded Swiss here in Blairsville. Next, we began cooking the sausage cups. My mom cooked the sausage and then I drained it and ‘ungreased‘ it while she cooked the green onions and mushrooms I had cut. Then, we added some flour and whipping cream and stirred it up. Around this time, we also put the cut potatoes into the boiling water. Once the sausage cups are done on the stove, they get put into little filo dough cups and covered with Swiss cheese. Once the potatoes were done boiling, I drained them and put them into the Crock Pot. I added to them butter, milk, parm cheese, salt and pepper. When they were set on flavor, they stayed in the Crock Pot to stay warm. We also boiled water for broccoli and made stuffing, corn and green bean casserole. Also through some biscuits in for the meal. After we moved the turkey to cut it, we made gravy with the drippings and some gravy mix. So overall this is what we had: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing (one from in bird, one not), Corn, Broccoli, Green Bean Casserole, Sausage Cups, Cranberry and Biscuits. I might be missing something but I don’t think so…

Out of all of that I ate, corn, broccoli, stuffing and two biscuits. I’m def not overly full or stuffed right now at all. I have plenty of room left for dessert.

I am thankful but I don’t like Thanksgiving. So what? I have always been up for going out for Thanksgiving. We could go some where that serves a traditional Thanksgiving but also…let’s you order off the regular menu. Ohh well. Yes, I could make something else that I like but with so much other stuff to make and do, there is just no time.

I don’t need one day a year to express how thankful I am for everything that I have in my life. I let my thankfulness be known all year long.

At least the day is almost over. And tomorrow, isn’t Thanksgiving. It is instead Black Friday and no, I will not be out at 3 a.m. to get a toaster for $3.00. The best deals are online. End of story.

Pictures to come one day on one of these posts. I’m such a loser. I started and stopped writing this post 10 times so it probably makes no sense at all. Sweet.