How Do I Always Get Behind?

Oh. My. Gosh. I am very behind on posts! I have had a few ready to go but have simply not posted them up. This needs to be changed right away! Ideally, I will update once a day but for nothing else, its needs to be at least once per week.

Let’s begin with the New Wendy’s Oreo Frosty Parfait. This is a new item at Wendy’s and I tried one this weekend. The description is as follows, “First we take the cool, creamy vanilla Frosty™ and mix it up with a classic favorite, Oreo® cookie chunks, then finish it off with rich milk chocolate syrup.” The frosty is only offered in a small size which is extremely small. I opted for my Frosty to have the chocolate base Frosty rather than the vanilla. It was very dark and I was in my car when I had the Frosty so, I did not take any photos of my own.

When I first saw the Frosty, I thought it looked great. There were tons of Oreo chunks on the top and a lot of chocolate syrup. There were no Oreo’s mixed in as the description states. The Oreo’s were very fresh which I was honestly, not expecting. This was certainly an added benefit to the Oreo Frosty Parfait. I did not like the taste of the milk chocolate syrup at all. I thought it had an odd after taste and I would have much preferred hot fudge. It didn’t seem as if the chocolate syrup was hot however, the Frosty seemed as if it was melting.

If this Frosty had hot fudge, or a better tasting chocolate syrup, I would certainly order it again. Next time, if I want something different, I may just ask for Oreo’s to be added to my Frosty. The photo looked quite delicious but the product was just not quite there. Overall rating, 6/10 – all because the chocolate syrup was just not that good.