How I Love…Chipotle

Chipotle. The word states it all. I feel a sincere love towards the food at Chipotle. I love every single thing about Chipotle. We finally got one in Naples a few short months ago and I have gone about once every two weeks. This is not enough. I wish I could go once a week. For anyone who has never had Chipotle, I am very sorry. If you think Moe’s is good, once again, I’m very sorry. Chipotle has just amazing flavors from start to finish and the product is so fresh. You must run to Chipotle and try it right now.

My usual order at Chipotle is a Vegetarian Burrito. My burrito includes: rice, black beans, mild salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cheese and lettuce. All of this wrapped within a burrito shell. I also order a side of chips and guacamole to go with my meal. Let us first discuss the burrito ingredients.

The rice is white rice that is cilantro-lime infused. The rice is always fresh and very moist. You are always guaranteed consistently good food when visiting Chipotle. I find the rice to not define the burrito. You normally get just enough on the bottom of the burrito to provide some additional flavor. The black beans are typical black beans. They have a normal black bean flavor and are not accompanied by any sodium taste – which is much appreciated. This is a huge difference between Chipotle and, for example, Moe’s. Chipotle’s ingredients are fresh…Moe’s are sodium. This difference is a huge factor and can really be tasted throughout the food.

The mild salsa is just like a pico de gallo and does not have any kick or spice to it. I love freshly made salsa and this lives up to being excellent freshly made salsa. I don’t think you need any extra kick within this salsa to give it a good flavor. The guacamole is one of the things Chipotle is known for. It is made on-site all day long and is so incredibly fresh and delicious. The guacamole is chunky yet smooth, flavorful yet delicate. The consistency is a big factor and Chipotle really nails it down. The last time I was there, I arrived right as a brand new thing of guacamole was made…mmm mmm mmm.

The sour cream is your normal sour cream however, it is not as thick as the sour cream you purchase at the store. It is more light and liquidly but does not have any ‘special’ flavors. The cheese is white and has a mild flavor. It plays well with the other burrito ingredients. The lettuce is crisp and fresh and I always ask for a lot on my burrito.

The chips come in brown bags and are not overly greasy at all. The flavor is light and the chip is crispy. The chips are flavored with lime-salt and they dip perfectly into the guacamole. As I mentioned, the guacamole is just simply divine. You must have some with your meal.

Chipotle is one of my favorite places to go. I always get take-out and bring it to my home about 10 minutes away. Chipotle normally has a line when I go in but, they manage to move it rather quickly. It is worth the wait and when you go, if there is a wait, just wait it out. I will be well worth it. Chipotle is very reasonably priced as well which makes my visits even better.

I was one of the people who waited and waited and waited for Chipotle to open and will continue to praise and support them. Go out and get yourself some.