We spent a full day at Epcot in Disney World.  I totally love Epcot.  It is by far my favorite park and place to go in Disney.  When lunch time rolled around, we were in The Land and decided to eat at Sunshine Seasons.  I haven’t eaten here in forever and was very pleased with the amount of food they were offering.  Sunshine Seasons promotes ‘healthy’ food and a departure from the normal burgers/hot dogs/fries found at most Counter Service locations in Disney.

Sunshine Seasons offers there food at different counter areas including a Grill Area, Salads/Soups, Asian Fare and Sandwiches.  They also have a Bakery Area, Bagged Options and cold prepared options.  I opted for one of these in the California Rolls and a bag of Rold Gold Pretzels.  I was most pleased that the sushi was only $8 and change and contained very large pieces.

The California Rolls were very flavorful and tasted as if they were prepared that day.  The ingredients were crisp and fresh.  They were also very filled with crab, veggies and avocado pieces.  I was thoroughly impressed with how good this sushi was.  I thought I may regret not trying one of the ‘fresh cooked’ items but ended up being very pleased with my sushi selection.  The portion was more than enough for lunch especially with the pretzels as a side.  My only complaint is that the only sushi offering was California Rolls.  It would have been nice if they offered a few varieties of sushi.  Overall Rating:  8/10.

The Rold Gold Pretzels were just your normal ol’ pretzels.  Nothing exciting here.  We were walking a lot and doing some sweating so I thought a nice refuel of salt would do me good.  Plus, I had gone for a run and bike ride before we even arrived at the park.  The pretzels were good and fresh and came in a very large bag.  I do not recall exactly how much I paid but I don’t remember thinking they were overpriced.

Mommy got the Caesar Salad which was piled high with huge pieces of chicken and cheese.  She enjoyed it but said she would get it with the dressing on the side next time.  Taylor got the sweet and sour chicken with white rice.  He enjoyed it but wouldn’t have to have it again.

Sunshine Seasons is not a location for everyone.  The choices are great but, you will not find burgers and fries.  If you are looking for a break from the CS burgers/fries, check out Sunshine Seasons.  And, if you like sushi, you will not be disappointed.