My Friend Earl

We spent this past weekend in Disney World with some of our family from Cincinnati.  We had a fabulous time and did some wonderful eating while we were there.  I had been counting down the days to this trip – not only because I was excited to see family but also because I was excited to do some eating.  Our first eating stop, was My Buddy Earl.

Earl of Sandwich is located in Disney’s Downtown Disney and is known for their hot sandwiches.  We love Earl so much.  We actually ended up eating there twice during our one weekend there.  I always order the same thing and have never before been disappointed.  I order the Caprese which is described as, ‘Fresh Mozzarella, Roma Tomatoes, Fresh Basil and Drizzled Balsamic Vinaigrette.’  All served hot on their freshly baked bread.  I do not care for the vinaigrette so I ordered mine with the Italian dressing instead.  I also got the potato crisps which are just baked plain chips.

What makes this sandwich is the bread and the fresh ingredients.  This bread is baked when you order the sandwich and has simply a great consistency.  The bread holds up to all toppings on the sandwich.  The bread also has a very delicious taste that I would describe as warm and savory.  It is hard to pinpoint an exact flavor because the bread is neither sweet nor overly seasoned.  The bread is just amazing.  Unless you have tasted it, you will not understand how amazing this bread is.

The ingredients on this sandwich are also amazing.  The mozzarella cheese is served in large slices which just reek freshness.  The soft texture of the cheese provides a great contract to the freshly baked bread.  The tomatoes are freshly sliced and the basil adds just the little flavor difference.  The Italian dressing just gives the sandwich a little bit of wetness and additional flavor however, it is not needed.  Overall rating of the sandwich:  10/10.

Earl of Sandwich provides the same excellent service and food each and every time you visit.  I have never once been there and been disappointed.  They are also very, very reasonable.  You can get a sandwich, drink and chips for under $10.  There are a very limited number of Earl’s around the country but, if you ever encounter one, I recommend you try it.  I don’t think you will be disappointed in the least.  My family enjoys the ‘meat’ sandwichs from Earl as well…especially The Original.  Their service is exceptional as well.  On our visit with our Cincy family, we needed the kids sandwiches re-made and without a question, they re-made the sandwiches for us very quickly.  Mmm…My Buddy Earl is just great.