Time for a Snack Rap

I don’t eat McDonalds food all too often.  McDonalds is one of those places that I just really don’t care for.  It is the comfort food of fast foods and I just don’t have any desire to eat it.  Every once in a while, you get a craving for a McDonalds Double Cheeseburger…have one…are so unimpressed…and then feel so guilty for eating it.  I used to really like McDonalds fountain drinks but the last few times I have gotten one, I’ve been unimpressed.  McDonalds is just not for me.

This past weekend I participated in a Trunk-Or-Treat event at my favorite, Vineyards Park.  The event began at 6:30pm and I needed to get to the park early enough to drop Taylor off dinner and decorate my car.  Taylor decided he wanted McDonalds to eat.  I was worried about time and totally stressing over the entire event.  I decided I would just grab something at McDonalds to.  I ended up getting a Large Diet Coke and a Grilled Chicken Honey Mustard Snack Wrap.

I’ve had this Snack Wrap on a few other occasions and it really isn’t too bad.  It consists of a tortilla with a piece of grilled chicken, honey mustard sauce, shredded lettuce and shredded cheese.  It is fairly small, hence the name Snack Wrap, but, I figured it would be enough to hold me over.  As I said, I was super stressed out over the event and getting ready to go and wasn’t overly hungry.  I picked up my drink & snack wrap, along with Taylor’s food, from the drive-thru and headed to Vineyards.  There is a McDonalds about 5 minutes or so from the park so I ate on my way there.

The Diet Coke was really good.  This particular McDonalds normally has good soft drinks and this one was no different.  Since I was driving, I was unable to take any photos of my food so, the photo is not mine.  The Snack Wrap was warm and felt very full.  I bit right into a piece of chicken accompanied with honey mustard sauce, lettuce and cheese.  I was very impressed with the distribution of the toppings.  Every bite had chicken, honey mustard, plenty of lettuce & cheese.  The only bite of the wrap without chicken was the very last bite, but this bite still had honey mustard, lettuce & cheese.

The grilled chicken piece that is in the wrap is a good thickness and has a fairly good flavor.  Not too sodium-esq or too fake.  A fairy good flavor.  The honey mustard sauce is more like a sauce then a dressing and is not very thick.  The taste is not overpowering and is certainly not the best honey mustard I’ve had.  The flavor is just not that great.  The shredded lettuce was crisp and plentiful.  Lots of people complain that fast food uses too much lettuce but for me, there is never enough.  I am one of those people who asks for lots of lettuce.  The shredded cheese is also fresh and flavorful.  The tortilla is nothing like an authentic tortilla but, it has the normal fast food tortilla taste and is served warm.  The Snack Wrap is pretty decent and one of the healthier choices at McDonalds.  Overall Rating:  6/10

McDonalds is by far not my first choice of food…fast food or regular.  But, if I have to eat it, I am glad that they have options that the Snack Wrap.  It may not be your typical fast food item but, it is a solid choice for a fairly reasonable price.  Trunk-Or-Treat ended up going great.  Tons and tons and tons of people.  My trunk didn’t win for the best trunk but, my trunk was certainly the most popular.  By 7:00pm, I had already gone through 250 pieces of candy and had to get more.  Crazy busy but certainly a Friday night spent right.