$15? Are You Crazy?

School Fundraisers sell some of the most over-priced stuff ever.  And most of the time, the stuff pretty much sucks.  Yes, I do like the $10 rolls of wrapping paper that is super thick and enough to wrap 2 presents.  But, I do not like they charge the price of a Large Jar for a Medium Jar through the Yankee Candle Fundraiser.  And, I certainly don’t like the $15 I paid for one tub of Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies.  And, worse yet, we spent a total of $45 for this fundraiser.  $30 of that on cookies (a yield of 72 cookies) and $15 of it on an apple-crisp-cake-type thing that is 13 x 9.  What. A. Jip.

So we purchased two tubs of Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies.  The cookies come already portioned for you to yield 36 cookies per tub.  I was really excited about trying these because I have some good memories with my friend Otis and his chocolate chip cookies.  When I was in high school, we had ‘cookie’ break in the morning.  For $1 you could purchase yourself 3 Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate Chip Cookies.  These cookies came in a bag, were served warm and were about 2.5 inches in diameter.  Pretty good deal for a buck, right?  On some special days, I would allow myself to purchase these cookies and make them last throughout the day (yes, I had major food issues even back in high school).  The cookies were always so delish with the perfect mesh of cookie dough taste and chocolate chips.  I went into this fundraiser thinking, okay, I am going to get the same cookies as I did in high school.  After tasting these cookies on Wednesday night, I am sad to say this is not the case.

I opened up the plastic container and found the cookies are stored within a plastic bag that is within the plastic container.  The directions have the cookies baking at 325 and want them 2 inches apart on the pan.  I couldn’t quite tell how large the cookies would end up being but, I was hoping for the 2.5 inch diameter of the other Otis cookies I know.  I thought I had a good chance since they wanted them 2 inches apart.  I baked up only 6 cookies for this test batch for a few reasons.  They took 16 minutes to cook and I didn’t know how large they would be.  Rather than spend my entire evening baking cookies (it was a Wednesday night), I decided to just try 6.

The cookies smelt great while baking and finished at 16 minutes with slightly brown edges.  I let them cool on the cookie sheet for a minute and then moved them to cool on a cooling rack.  After they had cooled for about 3 minutes, I grabbed one to try.  I broke the cookie in half and the consistency seemed good.  There were plenty of chocolate chips throughout the cookie.  I bit in and begin the taste the cookie.  My first thought was, I am eating a block of sugar.  My next thought was I paid $15 for these???  The cookie dough tasted like pure sugar and you could not even taste the flavor of the chocolate chips.  These reminded me of really bad store bought cookies of a brand I cannot recall.  They had such a fake taste to them.  Gross.  Sorry for the horrible photo.

I decided to try one more cookie just to be sure I didn’t just get a dud.  While the cookie cooked just fine, the problem with the taste and flavor was the same in the second cookie.  The cookie also had a really thick and heavy feel/taste to it which I’m sure has something to do with all the sugar in the cookie.  I was really unimpressed with these cookies and now have 66 more to make and give away because I certainly won’t be eating them.  Plus, these cookies weigh in at 150 calories each!  Jeez.  After eating them, I promptly brought myself to the gym and rode the bike until I hit lucky 300 calories.  Overall rating:  1/10.

I am curious to see how the apple-crisp-type-cake thing will taste.  If it is anything like the cookies, I won’t like the sugar pie at all.  A total disappointment and let down from the Otis cookies I once remember.  Hopefully, this fundraiser will not come around again because there is no way that I will be spending $15/per tub for sucky, gross, sugar laden cookies.