For the Love of Sporks

Taco Bell is by far my favorite fast food chain.  I love pretty much all of their offerings and totally feast out whenever I have it.  Some of my favorites include Hard Taco Supremes, Bean Burritos, Crunchwraps, Nachos Bel Grande and Double Decker Hard Taco Supremes.  For this review, we will discuss the Double Decker Hard Taco Supreme.  I was lucky enough to indulge in one this past weekend and boy, was it yummy.

The Double Decker Hard Taco Supreme is one of the items on Taco Bell’s menu that I don’t really think gets any credit.  It’s like the MexiMelt…you have probably never even heard of it.  The DDHTS does not come in any of the value meals but is always available.  The DDHTS consists of a hard taco supreme (shell, ground beef, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, tomato) that is within a soft shell with a coating of refried beans to hold the two together.  We frequently make these at home and they are quite delish.  It may sound like a huge entity but the soft shell does a great job of holding the hard shell taco & all of its toppings, together in one piece.  I always order at least one DDHTS when I visit Taco Bell unless if I am ordering Bean Burritos.

I ordered my DDHTS from the drive thru and brought it home.  When it was time to eat it, I was glad that it was still warm.  I do not like to eat Taco Bell when it is steaming hot, so bringing it home is a great option for me.  The DDHTS looked very filling with the toppings equally proportioned.  I visit the same Taco Bell when in Naples and I am also satisfied with their quality of food and service.  I dug into my DDHTS and found it to be great once again.

The soft shell exterior of the DDHTS is warm and meshes well with the crunchiness of the hard taco shell.  The hard taco shell is not quite as crunchy as it is on its own but, you can definitely taste & feel the crunch.  The refried beans hold the two shells together and provide additional taste and texture.  Taco Bell meat has been debated but, it is what it is.  The flavor is very full of spices.  On this particular DDHTS, I did not have a lot of sour cream or cheese but a normal amount of lettuce and tomatoes.  I think all of Taco Bell’s toppings are good and these were no different.  All of the flavors blend together with each and every bite.  I also add Taco Bell Mild Sauce to my DDHTS which I believe really sends it from good to great.  Overall Rating:  8/10.

While Taco Bell is not for everyone, it is certainly for me.  I appreciate what it is and don’t take it for more than that.  The DDHTS is one of my favorite items and a staple on my Taco Bell order.  This taco does not compare to Lozanos or authentic Mexican food but, it is Taco Bell which is in a class all of its own.  If you have never tried a DDHTS, but enjoy Taco Bell, I recommend trying one.  Or, make them at home.  Either way, they are a tasty, enjoyable way to eat a taco.