Get Your Rodeo On

I really don’t eat fast food when I am home.  Yes, I enjoy trying out new items that seem to be really cool or indulging every so often but, for the most part, it is not on my normal eating routine.  While driving in the car for 12 hours with two dogs, your food choices are somewhat limited.  This enables me to try many of the fast food items that have been on my list.  On our way home from Georgia, we stopped at an exit with not a lot of food choices.  They did have a Burger King so BK it was.

Burger King came out with the BK Topper burgers a few months back and I thought they looked tasty.  After reading many reviews on these burgers, it seemed the general consensus was that the Western BBQ Topper was the best.  The Western BBQ consists of a burger, slice of American cheese, three onion rings and BBQ sauce as on a sesame seed bun.  I ordered myself one and was ready to try it out.

While the burger is not huge, this is a good size burger for a relatively cheap price.  From looks, the burger looked good.  The cheese appeared to be melty and the burger was very warm.  I began to eat and was pleased to get all elements of the burger in each and every bite.  The burger was your usual BK burger full of charbroiled taste.  The fact that BK cooks their burgers on the broiler, really makes a big difference in the taste and consistency of the burger – in a good way.  The cheese is your basic fast food cheese and isn’t anything amazing.  It was nicely melted into the burger which provided additional flavor.

I’m not sure if I had three onion rings on the burger but, I did get onion rings in every bite of the burger.  The onion rings stay crispy throughout the entire eating of the burger and provide additional texture and a spike in flavor.  The onion rings pair best with the bbq sauce on the burger and I was really digging how everything came together.  There wasn’t a ton of bbq sauce on the burger but, more than plenty to be enough.  The sweetness of the bbq sauce & crunchiness of the onion rings added a new flavor and twist to your typical burger.  All of the toppings just worked on this burger and left me with great flavors.  The bun, while your typical BK bun, was fresh and soft – always a plus.  Overall rating:  7/10

Sometimes the new items that come out at fast food restaurants are just gross and carry no interest.  This is not the case with the Western BBQ BK Topper at all.  I was very pleased with this burger from start to finish and would order it again without question.  All basic ingredients but, when put together, provide something tasty.  While I certainly won’t run to BK to get another BK Topper, I will certainly order one again in the future.  If you enjoy bbq and burgers, then I suggest trying one out – I don’t think you will be disappointed.