Armadillo? Yes, Please

The Armadillo Grill.  Sounds like a pretty fun place.  Perhaps they serve Armadillo?  Well, at one time they did but, the new restaurant location no longer does.  Instead, The Armadillo Grill serves up American-Southwestern Fare in the town of Blairsville, GA.  The owner/cook used to have an armadillo farm where she raised armadillos and served them in her restaurant.  Now, she just displays photos of armadillos all over the restaurant and serves up some amazing food.

We arrived at The Armadillo Grill around 6:45pm and found that it was busy but not overly crowded – a good thing considering it was the day after Thanksgiving and we were hungry.  The menu featured a number of Mexican entrees along with some American-Southwestern fare.  I was up in the air over whether to order a Mexican entrée or one of the American-Southwestern entrees.  I decided to order the best of both worlds.  I ordered the Southwestern Chicken in a tortilla with fries.  The chef/owner of The Armadillo Grill used to own a restaurant called Comfort Café and they had some of the best fries ever.  Guess What?  The Armadillo Grill now serves those fries – woo-hoo!

The Southwestern Chicken in a tortilla (this was not the real name of the menu item…I just didn’t write it down and don’t recall) consists of grilled chicken, lettuce, corn salsa, shredded cheese and a house sauce.  This was served with a good sized serving of fries.  The tortilla was huge and packed full of ingredients.  The tortilla had a slight flour taste but I really didn’t get any other flavors from it.  The chicken was very warm and in large pieces.  The chicken had flavors of cumin, chipotle and pepper and was really good.  It was moist and had a great consistency.

The corn salsa is not spicy and consists mainly of corn and chopped tomatoes.  It tastes as if it is in a sauce of some kind however, I was not able to pick out specific flavors.  The lettuce and cheese are fresh and abundant.  The house sauce had flavors of tomatoes, avacados, oil, salt, pepper and cumin.  It was in liquid form and provided a nice coolness against the warmth of the chicken.  All of the ingredients meshed well together and I felt as if the tortilla was really packed full.  No additional dipping sauce was needed at all.  The ingredients provided a good ‘wetness’ and a plethora of flavor.  Overall Rating:  9/10

I know that I will not be able to come close to explaining how absolutely amazing these fries are.  The fries are reddish/brown in color but are not a ‘spicy’ flavor at all.  The exteriors are crispy and lightly seasoned.  The exteriors provide the perfect amount of potato fluff and are soft.  When you bite into the fry, you can taste both the crispy exterior and pillowy interior.  Beyond the fact that these flavors must be hand cut and prepared in house, they are just all around perfect.  Each and every fry is just as good as the one before.  You never get fries that are over-fried, over-potoated or over-seasoned.  They are just pure bliss.  Overall Rating:  10/10

We were only in Blairsville for a shot time but, I would have loved to have visited the Armadillo Grill once again.  The tortilla and the fries are just great.  Everyone else ordered a variety of items and all loved them just as much.  I wish I could find fries that are similar to these somewhere because they are just so darn good.  Even though the Armadillo Grill does not serve up Armadillo, they serve up great Southwestern Flare with outstanding fries.