The Perfect Combination

Plain and simple, the perfect combination of food items is Peanut Butter and Chocolate.  There is nothing that even comes close to rivaling this combination of two items.  Well, Rice and Beans run a close second but Peanut Butter and Chocolate truly prevail.  I absolutely love these two foods together.  Whether it be a mixture of melted peanut butter & hot fudge or the divine being of the No Way Jose, it simply doesn’t get any better.  The classic combination of these two items comes in the form of a Buckeye.  While I have never made Buckeyes of my own (it is on my list), I have enjoyed my fair share of them.  I may be a Naples Native, but Cincinnati is in my heart and Buckeyes are a part of that.  Since I was last in Cincy over the summer, it has been quite a while since I have had one…or a Busken Smile Face Cookie…but, luckily the Cookie Exchange at Mommy’s work yielded some homemade Buckeyes.  Yipee Dipee Do.

I knew that these Buckeyes would be coming home from the Cookie Exchange but, I was still so excited when they finally did.  After eating 10 pounds of fruit and gallons of tea at my work Christmas party on Monday, I didn’t end up trying one of the Buckeyes until later in the evening.  I was anxiously awaiting my first bite and was beyond stoked to sink my teeth into this perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate.

The time finally arrived and I carefully removed the baggie of Buckeyes from its gift box.  I opened up the bag and immediately received whiffs of peanut butter.  I removed a very large, oversized Buckeye from the bag and took a few moments to awe at it.  The Buckeye was huge and had a large peanut butter center.  I was also surprised by how heavy the Buckeye itself was.  There was a lovely outside covering of chocolate and the peanut butter inside was calling my name.

I raised the Buckeye from the table and bit in.  Mmmm.  I bit through layers of chocolate and peanut butter and mixed them all together in my mouth.  The chocolate formed a nice protective layer over the peanut butter.  There was the perfect amount of chocolate to provide plenty of flavor and taste.  If the chocolate was on its own, it certainly would have been able to hold up.  There were plenty of flavors from the chocolate, most likely milk chocolate, and it was extremely smooth and creamy.  The creaminess was tasted throughout my chewing and it mixed perfectly with the peanut butter filling.  I was very impressed with how perfectly the chocolate set over the peanut butter filling.  It formed the perfect exterior for a great Buckeye.

Nestled within the chocolate exterior was a very large peanut butter filling.  I could smell the peanut butter as soon as I opened the bag.  As I began to taste the peanut butter filling, the first thing that came to mind was that this was not just peanut butter.  This filling was a mixture of peanut butter, sugar, margarine and maybe another ingredient or two.  This was not a bad thing though since peanut butter was still the main flavor.  The peanut butter tastes I received, reminded me of freshly ground peanut butter.  It was not overly sweet or saturated with fake peanut taste.  You could certainly tell that the peanut butter used in the filling was good quality as were the other ingredients.  The consistency of the filling was soft yet firm enough to keep its shape and very velvety in texture.  I could tell that this Buckeye was homemade and that really made the difference.  The time that was spent and put into this Buckeye made the flavors blend together even better.  I was just so impressed with the Buckeye – it was that great.  Overall Rating:  10/10

The Perfect Combination of peanut butter and chocolate was certainly tasted throughout this entire Buckeye.  Rather than have one ingredient that overpowered the other, the chocolate and peanut butter worked together in perfect harmony.  After eating one Buckeye, I was certainly ready for another.  I was not left with any strange after tastes at all – another sign that this Buckeye was homemade with love.  This Buckeye really stands out to me…by far, one of the best that I have had.  When you take the Perfect Combination and mix it with great ingredients & love, the end result is purely magical.  A big thank you goes out to Stacy who did such a great job on these Buckeyes.  Simply divine.