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Delicious Little Morsels of Goodness

Happy 2014.  Isn’t it crazy that it is actually 2014?  The year ended in a complete flurry.  The month of December seems to pass by at light speed.  Before you know it, its… Continue reading

Nothing to Run For

We recently got a Culver’s in good ol’ Naples.  I was anticipating the opening of the restaurant for weeks but, had little plan of stopping by anytime after the opening.  About a month… Continue reading

Just a Salad

Lately, I have been listening to the No Doubt singles CD in my Jeep over and over again.  It is just singing to me and I love to jam out.  ‘Just a Girl’… Continue reading

Go Greek

I feel as if I am somewhat Greek.  My new Team Member dates a Greek boy.  We spend 8 hours together – in the same cubicle – so some of that must be… Continue reading

Here Fishy Fishy

Seafood is great.  I’ll take nearly any kind of seafood in a variety of formats.  I enjoy it all.  Give it to me and chances are, I will eat it.  I enjoy going… Continue reading

Homer’s Gift

As I’m sure everyone knows, I am a HUGE Cincinnati Reds fan.  I live, eat and sleep the Reds.  Lucky for me, Homer Bailey threw his second no-hitter on July 2nd.  Not only… Continue reading

On the Menu

My new team member informed me today that she had never tried a protein bar.  After picking my chin up off the ground, I set out to fix this.  Lucky for me, our… Continue reading

Engineering Ring

This has been a big week for my company.  We were acquired by a large company and great things are coming.  On the day we found out, not only did we have that excitement… Continue reading

Golden Ticket to Paradise

Chocolate and Peanut Butter are a match made in heaven.  The combination of the two can turn any frown upside down.  The combination of the two can leave you licking your licks for… Continue reading

I Say Ole

As you all know, I love Mexican Food.  Mexican Food is by far my favorite cuisine and I have no problem eating it multiple times per week.  Heck, I’ll even eat it multiple… Continue reading