This Post is Boring

If you haven’t already guessed from Grandma’s Backyard, I love Mexican food.  On a weekly basis I cook a Mexican based meal – tacos, burritos, nachos, fajitas, Mexican casserole, etc.  I use a variety of meat & rice choices and they always come out just great.  One of my favorites is Enchiladas however, I don’t make them nearly as often as say double decker tacos.  The main cause of this is the amount of time they take.  The family preference is Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas and it is a weekend meal for sure.  I decided that New Year’s Day would be a good reason to make some of these delicious enchiladas.

I would say that the Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas that I make are pretty darn good.  But, after saying this, I can also say that rather than the Sour Cream sauce, I prepare my enchiladas with traditional Red Sauce.  It’s not that I don’t like the Sour Cream, it’s just that I prefer Red Sauce.  I cook the chicken in the Crock Pot along with onions, salt, pepper, red pepper, water and just a touch of Baja Chipotle seasoning.  Once the chicken is done, I shred it and mix it with shredded cheese.  I fill tortillas with the chicken and cheese mixture and then pour the Sour Cream or Red Sauce over them.  Top them with a ton more cheese and bake for 15 minutes or so.  Yummy.

Once I take the enchiladas out of the oven, I let them cool for a few minutes before plating them.  Normally, I serve them with refried beans on the side.  I scoop out my enchiladas onto my plate and begin to eat.  I make mine with more cheese filling than chicken.  Cutting into the enchilada releases aromas of chicken, cheese, tortilla and red sauce.  The cheese on the exterior is melty and the interior cheese is as well.  On this batch of enchiladas, I used Whole Wheat tortillas which produce a different aroma than regular flour tortillas.

The chicken is moist and slightly flavored.  I appreciate the fact that it is not overly flavored so that the cheese can provide the flavor for the chicken.  Each bite includes adequate amounts of melty cheese, shredded chicken, tortilla and red sauce.  I also include sour cream and Taco Bell mild sauce on the side with my enchiladas.  The tortillas have a slight wheat taste but not to the point of being overly powerful.  The tortillas are warm with a chewy interior and very slightly crunchy exterior.

For the red sauce, I simply use Old El Paso canned red enchilada sauce.  It is simple, easy and cheap.  Yes, it’s not as good as homemade sauce but, since I make the sour cream sauce homemade, I really just don’t have time to make homemade red sauce as well. The sauce is not spicy at all, has a semi-thick consistency and bakes well into the enchiladas.  While there is plenty of sauce that is ‘saucy’ for the enchiladas, a layer baked into the tortillas and cheese.  This is my favorite part of the enchilada.  Every bite that includes the baked in red sauce & cheese are divine.  Mix this with some sour cream and Mild Sauce and I am good to go.

Something about enchiladas just make them one of my favorites.  I love the baked in red sauce with the cheese and fillings.  The batch of enchiladas I made on New Years were just as good as always.  All of the sour cream enchiladas were gone and I had no problem polishing off my four red sauced enchiladas.  Aside from my homemade enchiladas, the best enchiladas I’ve had are served at Monte Alban in Blairsville, GA.

I don’t quite know why this post ended up being so boring.  I do apologize for this fact and assure you that posts to come will not be boring.  You will be so giddy to read every post – I just know it.  Homemade enchiladas are quite delicious and I can’t wait to make my next batch.  And, I promise you, I will not write a post as boring as this to discuss them.  Jeez.  What a loser.