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That’s So-Pay

Let us pick up our journey through El Agave Azul, right where we left off.  Before we arrived at El Agave Azul, we knew what we would be having.  And one of those… Continue reading

One Amazing Taco

It’s Day 2 of our talks on El Agave Azul.  The Reds are playing the Cardinals as we speak.  A Game 3 of a pathetic 3-game series.  The Reds had a 4-0 lead… Continue reading

It Was That Good

Hello.  Welcome Back.  Nice to see you.  I do apologize for the week long absence that you have all had to deal with.  Last week was a flurry.  We moved Taylor into his… Continue reading

I Say Ole

As you all know, I love Mexican Food.  Mexican Food is by far my favorite cuisine and I have no problem eating it multiple times per week.  Heck, I’ll even eat it multiple… Continue reading

A Tampa Favorite

Way back in January (yes, this is so overdo), we were in Tampa for the USF Mens Basketball Game vs Notre Dame.  The game was at 12:00pm so the plan was to watch the… Continue reading

The Hype Before the Bum

Isn’t it the worst when you get all hyped up about something and then get totally bummed out at the result?  Like how I hyped myself up for months before Opening Day that… Continue reading

Homemade Mexican Love

Combining rice and beans is a direct track to Nicki’s heart.  I love the combination of rice and beans.  Brown, White, Yellow, Mexican, Spanish, Dirty – almost any kind of rice combined with… Continue reading

This Post is Boring

If you haven’t already guessed from Grandma’s Backyard, I love Mexican food.  On a weekly basis I cook a Mexican based meal – tacos, burritos, nachos, fajitas, Mexican casserole, etc.  I use a… Continue reading

Here Fishy Fishy

As you may have figured out by now from reading my blog, I am a big fan of tacos/Mexican fare.  Tacos are certainly one of my most favorite foods and I try not… Continue reading


I really love living in Naples.  I enjoy almost everything about it.  One major downfall is the fact that we do not have a Lozanos.  I need to either drive an hour to… Continue reading