Succulently Smoky

Try to say that title 5 times fast…lounge twister for sure.  But, when you are using it to describe some glorious BBQ Chicken, it is quite worth the twister.  This is the case for the BBQ that is made by the professional bbq cook team, All Out B. B. Que.  As you may know, I get to be the runner for All Out and got to do so at Ziggy Dick’s BBQ Festival.  Once that chicken is turned in, it is time to eat some and enjoy.

Our friend Gino is the cook of All Out and makes some of my favorite bbq chicken ever.  To me, this chicken should win every award there is at bbq festivals…it is so perfectly flavored and delicious.  I won’t give away all of the secrets that go into this chicken.  Rather, I will talk just the chicken and its great succulently smoky self.

Gino cooks up chicken thighs to be turned in and judged.  Each piece is trimmed and looks quite lovely before it even gets cooked.  A dusting of dry rub and the chicken goes in to cook.  Once the chicken leaves the cooker, it gets some wet bbq sauce rub and another quick dry rub.  I will not go into exact details of the process because bbq is a competition and All Out wants to win!

After the chicken has been turned in, I eat a few pieces of chicken and love every single bite.  I take a piece of chicken and I can first tell just how heavy it is.  This piece of chicken has a lot of meat.  First bite delivers a plethora of flavors.  As I bite into the piece, I am brought through layers of flavor and chicken.  Each layer provides something totally different yet, all of these layers all work and mesh together.  The dry rub and the bbq sauce mix so perfectly to create a succulent smoky taste.

The first bites of the chicken provide just a blast of flavor.  Each bite has a lot of chicken and all of the chicken is so moist.  The chicken is cooked so perfectly and the juices that flow from it are sign of that.  There is nothing worse than overdone chicken and All Out chicken is the exact opposite of this.  Since the chicken is cooked so well, the chicken itself also adds an element to the overall flavor and taste.

The dry rub is applied to the chicken prior to cooking and the flavors cook into the chicken.  Sweet & Smoky flavors along with your basics tastes of salt and a variety of peppers, are baked right into not only the skin of the chicken, but the entire thigh.  No matter what bite I am on, I can taste the flavors of the dry rub baked in.  I love all of the flavors of the dry rub and love the fact that they don’t make the chicken too salty.  The dry rub also gives the chicken a little bit of a kick – nothing to the point of being spicy, just a little bit of extra flavor.

The dry rub may be great but, the chicken is set apart with the bbq sauce applied to the coating.  Oh my this was some good bbq sauce.  The sauce Gino used on this occasion was extremely thick and just bursting with flavors.  I loved the way this sauce meshed into the skin of the chicken and stayed with me for each and every bite.

This sauce was very sweet but had a nice back kick of smoky to it as well.  While the sauce wasn’t overly sweet, it also wasn’t overly tangy.  Rather than the sweetness being fake tasting, I could taste hints of natural honey.  The honey paired well with the tanginess of the sauce producing a very smooth end product.  I simply can’t describe how much I love the sauce & dry rub with the chicken.  It is just a party in my mouth.

After reviewing this post, I realized how poor of a job I did at reviewing this product.  I pretty much just said I love it 20 times over.  And that is really the case.  I’m just a foodie on a journey through food and sometimes the most you can say about something is that you love it.  All Out chicken holds this place in my heart.  I could easily sit there and just eat piece after piece but, there normally isn’t a ton of left over so I end up having 2 or 3 and being done.

I am always left craving more of All Out chicken after I have some.  Slow and low cooks this chicken up to the perfect moistness and the dry rub bakes in lasting flavors.  Add on the sweet, savory flavor of the bbq sauce, and you have just an amazing piece of chicken.  Food taste good when the cook cares and Gino certainly cares.  I can’t wait to go to a bbq competition and have All Out just dominate in the chicken division.  Sooner or later, those judges will come to understand the succulently smoky perfection that is All Out B.B.Que Chicken.